Sales Prospecting to Win: How to Work Only the Best Leads

April 7, 2016
Sales Prospecting to Win: How to Work Only the Best Leads

A lot of salespeople tend to glaze over sales prospecting. After all, selling is the fun part, right?

If you’re a sales manager, this probably drives you nuts. After years in the industry, you’ve likely discovered that quality leads equal winning leads.

And I’d venture to bet that if given the choice:

  • You’d rather your salespeople spend a few hours a month doing some strategic sales prospecting if it means better leads that convert to customers.

– Versus –

  • Little-to-no prospecting and more time out cold calling nurturing the wrong prospects.

Sales Prospecting: How to Work Only the Best Leads

Perhaps you are already on board with the idea that strategic sales prospecting is what you need, but managing your sales team is the more difficult task.

So, what’s the best way to work only the best leads?

Well, use your Sales PlayBook!

Training Your Sales Team

If quality is what you want, following a process will get you what you’re looking for.

So, dive back into that Sales PlayBook of yours and be sure your process for sales prospecting is crystal clear.

Don’t have a Sales PlayBook? We have a free eBook with step-by-step directions on how to create one!

  • Step 1. Get your sales team and other key players together.
  • Step 2. Add the below sections to your Sales PlayBook—outlining each area in detail.
  • Step 3. Use the process and modify it as needed.
  • Step 4. Track all results in your CRM.

The Prospecting Section of Your Sales PlayBook

The prospecting section of your PlayBook is all about getting more quality leads.

We believe the foundation of successful selling is effective prospecting, and the prospecting section of your Sales PlayBook should focus on developing the skills and executing the activities associated with effective outreach to new customers to start the sales cycle.

Prospecting Action Plan

In order to focus on your prospecting activity, we recommend that salespeople begin by creating a prospecting action plan on a monthly basis.

Need help getting started on a Sales Prospecting Action Plan? Check out our free eBook on Sales Prospecting—it will help!


Next, focus on targeting. What criteria will lead to your ideal client? What tools have you employed or tactics do you use to target the right prospect?

Include all information related to your targeting process here, then go out and find some customers!

Lead Sources

This section should be all about ideas for finding new prospects. Want two great approaches? Think about effective approaches to ask for referrals and perform networking.


Once you’ve established the tactics above and have acquired a list of prospects, it’s time to start reaching out. Include pages for the most effective way to reach out through email and phone.

30-Second Commercial

As your team is prospecting, they’ll need a 30-second commercial. We recommend creating different versions of the 30-second commercial for different venues and applications. It’s also important to have 30-second commercials that focus on specific niche benefits that your company provides.

Be sure that all of your 30-second commercials reference the most common problems that your clients face.

Now, it’s time to detail your sales prospecting process and follow it. This will lead to more qualified leads—making your team a team of dynamic, strategic sellers.

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