Sales Forecast Spreadsheet: A Free Resource to Scale Your Business

July 11, 2017
Sales Forecast Spreadsheet: A Free Resource to Scale Your Business

If you’re looking to scale your business, you've come to the right place. Our CEO, Charles Bernard, recently put together the following sales forecast spreadsheet for you to use.

But before you download, here’s a bit more on why using a sales forecast spreadsheet will help you.

Why Use a Sales Forecast Spreadsheet?

In sales, our attention is pulled in many directions—it’s not just about making the sale. Sales Managers/VPs and salespeople alike run into the same time sink issues.

First, there are prospecting activities. It’s all about finding the best leads and beginning to build relationships. We focus on following processes and adapting them as we go.

Then there’s updating our Sales PlayBook, tracking our goals, logging calls, tasks, and opportunities in Salesforce (or whichever CRM you’re using).

At some point, the actual selling piece comes into play. We move deals forward, use DEAL emails, follow-up, close, and then there’s even more follow-up.

While all of this is happening, many run into similar issues:

Time Management

Our time management is off. Either we haven’t time blocked, don’t know how to time block, or our time block isn’t working anymore.

We spend too much time on the wrong things, and keep missing our goals.

Planning & Forecasting

Because we’re so busy managing or prospecting, selling, and following-up, it’s often hard to see the forest from the trees. Maybe progress is being made and goals are being met, but those goals aren’t what you anticipated.

Sales Planning with the Sales Forecast Spreadsheet

That’s where the sales forecast spreadsheet comes in. It’s not about tasks and processes, it’s about goals and thinking forward. It’s also a great tool to view performance in a comprehensive way.

Creating an accurate sales forecast is the stepping stone to predictable growth.

And this sales forecast spreadsheet exists to help you do just that: create a pathway to the future.

This tool was developed by our team in an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet format that includes data points, graphs, and guidance.

It allows you to create and track your sales forecast in multiple ways and includes the following worksheets:

  • Overall company forecast
  • Individual forecast by salesperson
  • Overall sales team forecast
  • Pipeline Model
Sales Forecast Template
A Sales Forecasting Tool to Predict Growth
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