Sales Discipline: The Dieting of Selling

May 16, 2011
Sales Discipline: The Dieting of Selling

Sales discipline is no more than simply, a discipline.  Read on as I analyze the similarities of creating sales discipline and successfully dieting.

Dieting Discipline

I find that there are different degrees of discipline for losing weight effectively. For example, I can quite easily drop five pounds by doing nothing more than staying conscious of what I eat and being better with portion control.

If I want to drop another five pounds, I will still need to stay focused on what I am eating. However, I still have some latitude to lapse with an occasional drink of wine or two, or eating a few extra slices of bread. Providing that I get back into my eating discipline, I will stay within my desired weight range.

Furthermore, if I really want to lose even more weight, I then have to go on an even more strict diet. This diet would include meticulously selecting and measuring what I eat while also combining an exercise regimen.

This type of dieting is going to have to alter my entire lifestyle as well. Going out to restaurants, having drinks with friends, and being carefree about what I consume is not going to produce my desired outcome.

Sales Discipline

Selling follows a similar path. If I write down my goals on a fairly consistent basis and set priorities for the day, then I will see some immediate results. These include getting more meetings and opportunities.

To kick it up a notch, I would have to manage my time more efficiently by cutting down on interruptions and distractions that take me away from selling.

However, to really get into high gear, I would have to completely systematize my behavior by using my CRM system to manage tasks, activities, and opportunities. I would have to stick to my schedule religiously, and I would use all these disciplines to increase my volume of selling activity across the board.

Selling discipline, just like dieting, goes up and down. The trick is to be as much on the upside as possible!

Have any stories where you struggled with sales discipline? Tell us in the comments!

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