Sales Best Practices: People Care About Problems [Video]

August 20, 2015
Sales Best Practices: People Care About Problems [Video]

When it comes to sales best practices: have you inventoried the problems you solve?

Sales Best Practices: Solving Problems

Great salespeople are problem solvers. Match your features and benefits with the problems you solve to generate engaging, productive conversations with your prospects.

Video Transcript:

I would recommend that you inventory a list of problems that you solve.

So it would be a good idea for you to kind of say to yourself, “Wow, what problems do we solve?”

And when you have a list of 10-20 and you’ve then developed your 30-second commercial, and you want to pluck out three—where are you going to pluck out the three?

Where are you going to get the three that this person you’re talking to cares about the most?

Where are you going to go?

The inventory!

You’re going to go:

“Oh, out of my list of problems that we solve these three appeal to this person, the most. And these other three relate to that person the most. And these other three relate to this other person.”

We call that solution set. You’re always matching your solution sets to what people care about and what people will pay you for.

People care about problems.


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