Sales App of the Month: TED Talks

January 28, 2014
Sales App of the Month: TED Talks

Love TED Talks and TEDx Talks? So do we!

One of the most important goals of any sales leader is to develop and grow their team in order to increase the amount of revenue they generate. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Then again, so were the rules to solving a Rubik’s Cube (“here kid, just twist this until the colors match”). In reality, it is the single hardest thing a leader must do. Selling in today's marketplace is like the Stock Exchange: a strategy that works today may not work tomorrow.

As a leader, I know I have to stay current in order to guide my team through the constantly changing sales environment. That means making a practice of learning new ideas that can translate into my own development as well as my team's. While the fundamentals of selling will never change, the way we deliver our message has to. That is why I often browse TED Talks to find videos that share new and interesting perspectives on a variety of subjects. No, they are not all sales related, but some of the concepts I've learned have inspired me to think more “outside the box.” You might have seen Lena's post last week about a TED talk on leadership and success — if not, check it out!

TED Talks and TEDx Talks

While many of you may have watched TED Talks in the past, I recommend downloading the app for your mobile device or tablet. It's a great way to hear new ideas and get inspired while you’re commuting to work or grabbing a bite during lunch.

TED for IPhone/IPad

TED for Android

Consider this: the average CEO reads about four books per month, while the average American reads one per year. Great leaders understand the importance of learning new concepts and ideas. With today's technologies, videos are a quick and easy way to consume these ideas and concepts quickly.

Have you watched TED Talks in the past? If so, post some of your favorite videos in the comments below.

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