Sales App of the Month: 3 Tools to Make Selling Easier

September 6, 2013
Sales App of the Month: 3 Tools to Make Selling Easier

Sales App of the Month

If you've been looking for a sales app to make your life easier and more productive… so were we. A couple of months ago I was meeting with our sales staff to talk about the importance of leveraging technology during the sales process. During our discussion, I was sharing some of the smart phone apps I use and find to be most effective. Suddenly, one of our most seasoned sales professionals held up what can only be described as a plastic clam (otherwise known as a flip-phone).

Bursts of laughter filled the air as suddenly we were transported to the school yard. Some were heckling and throwing jabs at the poor salesperson as if he held up a tin can with a string attached. At first, the salesperson became defensive and told all of his peers how his network was so strong, he had no need for a smartphone. It seemed as if his stance was clear.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later and that same salesperson entered my office with a brand new smartphone in his hand. He abruptly placed it on my desk and asked, “Can this thing really help me earn more business? What do I need to download?” To which I replied “The phone itself won’t sell your prospects, but it can save you time and make you more productive.”

As I started jotting down apps and their purpose, I quickly realized this would make a perfect monthly blog series. Tech savvy salespeople are always trying new ways to be more efficient. Why not share some of the tools I have discovered along the way?

With that said, here are 3 apps that have saved me a ton of time in my selling activities:


Genius Scan

      – Quickly scan documents using the camera on your phone and convert them to PDF’s or JPEG. It also autocorrects. Never skip a beat on a sales proposal or keeping an electronic backup with you at all times.

Android Apple


Free Conference Call

      – Set up a conference call from anywhere and send invites and access codes while you are on the move. This app lets you do this all for free.

Android Apple



      – Whether its meeting someone at an event or researching key players for your next sales meeting, this powerful tool is essential for the busy sales professional.

Android Apple

I am happy to say our newly tech’d up salesperson is using these tools and found them to be a real game changer–I hope you enjoy the recommendations for sales app of the month! What are some of the apps you use to sell more effectively? Post your favorites below.

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