Webinar: 6 Traits to Look for When Hiring Salespeople


Sales managers have spoken and they want better hires! And darn it, they deserve it!

If you're a sales manager and are sick of hiring duds, this webinar is for you.

We've got two experts on deck for this one! Nick Malefyt, Managing Director of Lorelei Staffing, has over 23 years of experience in recruiting and staffing. George Wright, President at WrightOne Consulting, specializes in psychological assessment analysis and helps his clients select the right hires.

In this webinar, Nick and George will share 6 traits to look for when hiring salespeople to ensure that you hire the right people. You'll discover:

  • What to look for during the initial interview and follow-up interviews
  • Which types of people make the best sales hires
  • The types of question TO ask and NOT to ask during the interview process
  • How to find people in a competitive marketplace

Ready to hire the best people? You won't want to miss this free webinar.

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