Sales Interview Scorecard

Streamline interviewing and get the right sales hire every time.

Hiring the wrong salesperson is extremely costly – the average cost of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee is typically 200% of an employee’s average salary. Combine that with all the sales a top performing new hire would have brought in and you have a significant opportunity cost.

So how do you get the right sales hire every time? How do you ensure your new hire will be a value-add rather than a time-sink for you and everyone on your team?

The solution is to streamline the interviewing process. We’ve designed an interview scorecard workbook to walk you through our best-practice interviewing process and get everyone who interviews on the same page. Use it to eliminate bad fits faster and move great fits to the next stage.

This workbook includes:

  • An interview scorecard for a sales hire with questions in three sections: Ability, Experience, and Culture Fit
  • An interview checklist to keep your hiring team on track
  • 50 suggested best practice interview questions
  • A comprehensive guide to walk you through setting up and implementing the process

The workbook is fully customizable, so if you want to use it for hiring positions outside of the sales team – go for it.