Regaining Productivity: Avoid Technology Overload

May 23, 2012
Regaining Productivity: Avoid Technology Overload

Avoid technology overload by implementing old school practices with new ones.

In this constantly evolving world one thing is constant: Businesses are relying more and more on technology. Obviously advanced technology such as smart phones, emails, and new computers, can be a major help when it comes to getting things done. In many cases, however, businesses and employees have become too reliant on advanced technology. Being reliant on technology can sometimes lead to decreased productivity in the workplace and lackluster work in general.

A good example of when technology hurts workplace efficiency is Instant Messenger. Over the last couple of years many companies have adopted various forms of Instant Messenger as a means for work place communications. While Instant Messenger can be convenient when it comes to letting an employee or coworker know when there is a meeting scheduled, that you are taking lunch, or to inform them of a coming event, it can also result in confusion when used for more serious purposes. Employees tend to overuse Instant Messenger in the work place and take it beyond what it was designed for. Often you will find employees discussing and doing actual work with their coworkers over Instant Messenger. Using Instant Messenger to get work done can create confusion and misinterpretation, which leads to lackluster work and decreased productivity.

How to Avoid Technology Overload:

You may ask yourself “How did I not see this problems before?” and “How do I solve these problems now that I’m aware of them?” This is not an uncommon response. The flaw of using a system like Instant Messenger in the workplace is easily solvable: You simply instruct your employees they cannot not use instant messaging for collaborating on real work. They may use it for communication and status alerts, but that’s it. Obviously Instant Messenger is the only type of technology that can create problems if overused. Here are a couple of other technologies that can decrease efficiency:

Enhance Productivity By Disabling Alerts
While this article is written on an individual level, it can be applied to all employees in your company as a whole. Overuse of smart phones can be poison to a business.

Wearing Headphones in The Office is Career Poison
Another article that should be applied to entire companies. The suppression of ideas doesn’t just affect the individual, it keeps the business from evolving. If your employees don’t have fresh ideas your business will grow old and fall behind as other businesses continue to evolve with the world.

Break the Email Stalemate with a Phone Call
Decrease reliance on email in your office. Overuse of email breeds inefficiency among employees. Overuse of email can also cause your company to lose business and potential sales. If your sales team is waiting weeks to get a response instead of being proactive and making a phone call, you could be losing tons of business. Increasing telephone communications as well as face to face communications are key to running a successful business.

Do you have any other ideas of how to avoid technology overload? Let us know in the comments!

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