Practicing Gratitude with Elizabeth Frederick

February 15, 2021
Practicing Gratitude with Elizabeth Frederick

Happy Monday, Let's Talk Sales listeners! For this week's episode, we had our host, Elizabeth Frederick, become our guest.

Elizabeth is the Operations Officer and Senior Advisor at Criteria for Success, and is the regular host of Let's Talk Sales! Since she's usually doing the interviewing, we thought we'd switch things up and hear what she has to say as a guest. In her place as host was Rylan Sylvester, the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at CFS.

We hope you enjoy our conversation on the practice of gratitude!

Conversation with Elizabeth Frederick

In this episode, Elizabeth and I discuss:

  • Why gratitude is as relevant and necessary as ever
  • Examples of how to form your own practice of gratitude
  • Why leaders especially should incorporate a practice into their work
  • The substantial personal, professional, and medical benefits of gratitude

Links from the episode:

Being a Grateful Leader
How to Practice Gratitude to Improve Your Life & Work
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