Practice Makes Perfect: Sales Pitch Improvement

June 7, 2012
Practice Makes Perfect: Sales Pitch Improvement

Seeking sales pitch improvement can be daunting.  Read on to learn how to prioritize practice to optimize your sales pitch improvement.

Any learned skill, whether it be basketball, writing, or public speaking, must be practiced to stay sharp. Without practice, your performance in a certain area will slowly deteriorate. You may not notice the decrease in performance, but your results will show it. Practicing will keep your skills sharp. Not practicing will make you rusty. Michael Jordan is arguably the best player ever, but if he hadn’t worked to stay in shape and keep his game sharp during the off-season, his career arc would have had a completely different result. That isn’t to say that Michael Jordan wouldn’t have been good at basketball, but he wouldn’t have been the best ever. Believe it or not, the same principal can be applied to sales pitch improvement.

Is Sales Pitch Improvement Universal?

While great salespeople likely need less practice than mediocre salespeople, they still need practice. The best salesman in an office can’t just take a two week vacation, come back, and expect his pitch to be just as crisp as it was two weeks earlier. While his pitch may still be good when compared to others in that office, there is a good chance that certain parts of it will be a little off. It won’t kill you to sit back for a couple of hours a week and practice your pitch.

If you put in the extra time to keep your pitch sharp, selling will be second nature to you. This applies to both the good and the bad salesmen. Not that practicing will necessarily make you great at selling, but it will help you maximize your potential.

Taking the time to practice can also have a trickle-down effect—especially if the best sellers are doing it. Other salesmen in the office with any kind of ambition will think that practice is what makes the elite salesmen elite. In order to reach their own level of sales pitch improvement, they will then start practicing as well.

Practice throughout the workplace promotes a positive morale. Company-wide practice also makes it easier to motivate new employees. In addition to practicing to keep your sales game sharp, there are other things you can do to fundamentally improve your sales pitch.

Not to beat a dead horse, but the basketball analogy really works when it comes to improving your sales skills as well. When the season ends, truly great basketball players go into the off-season with the goals of staying in shape, keeping their game sharp, and improving one facet of their game for the next year. A great example would be Lebron James this past off-season. James came into this season with a newly developed post game. He is now a better player than he has ever been before. The same principals apply to great salespeople. Even if your sales skills are fully developed, you should always look for ways to improve your pitch. One way to improve how you pitch prospects is to analyze the different types of buyers you talk to. Are there different pitches you should be giving to different buyers? Take a look over your prospects and see if you can tailor your pitch to fit buyers on an individual level. Remember to be a great salesperson, it doesn’t just take practice, it takes constant improvement.

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