Personal Development Hacks: 5 Ways To Change Your Life

April 26, 2018
Personal Development Hacks: 5 Ways To Change Your Life

Personal development doesn't have to be a long and treacherous journey. Check out these 5 personal development hacks to see how you can change your life starting right now!

If you are reading this, you probably want to make some sort of change in your life. You are probably overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin. The good news is, you have already started.

You have made a conscious decision to change your life for the better and to develop and grow as a person. That was the first step to improving yourself.

5 Personal Development Hacks to Keep You on the Right Track

1. Write It Down

Physically write down the change that you want to make. When an idea is in your mind, it is just that- an idea. I suggest writing down your goal on a Post-It note and posting it somewhere you can see it. Maybe it's next to your bed or on your desk. Regardless, have your goal visible so that you may be reminded why you wrote that goal to begin with. Look at that Post-It when you wake up every morning and before you go to sleep every night. The second you write down your goal, it's a part of your reality every single day.The constant reminder will help you accomplish goals – especially if they are long term.

2. Break Down Your Goals

It is very likely that the change you want to make will not happen overnight. It may take weeks, months, or even years. You are setting yourself up for failure if you look solely at the big picture. Ask yourself, “What concrete steps can I take today to get a little closer to my ultimate goal?” Each step is a small piece of a very big goal.

The segmented goals you create must challenge you, but should not overwhelm you. They should be realistic and attainable; that way you can track your progress as you move forward. There's no way around it – you must be disciplined and make sure you complete each goal. There is nothing wrong with celebrating your mini milestones – we actually recommend it!

3. Include Friends & Family

The journey to improving yourself does not have to be a secret. You should be proud that you are working on yourself, and it is likely that those who care about you will be proud too.

Let them know your exact goal. Your loved ones will be supportive, encouraging, and honest. Ask for advice on how to achieve your goal, and if your goal is realistic. It can be very nonchalant, but also very helpful. For example, if you are trying to get in better shape, a friend or family member can offer healthy recipes or provide effective workout routines. After all, there are few things more motivating than healthy and positive peer pressure from loved ones.

4. Talk to Yourself

You do not have to actually speak to yourself out loud, but you do have to talk to yourself. This is about changing your mindset and encouraging yourself. A positive mindset is more than half the battle. Complaining is not only annoying, but is a habit all-around. Think positive thoughts and tell yourself that you can do it. In some cases, this is easier said than done, especially when you are inevitably faced with adversity. You are your biggest obstacle, but also your biggest advocate. Be on your team. If you're already going to be thinking, you might as well think positive thoughts that will get you closer to your goal.

5. Find motivation

Different things motivate different people, so find what motivates you. Ideally, this motivator is beyond yourself, so that you may fall back on it when you are truly tested. Your motivation can come from a desire to not let someone down or from a motivational speech- it doesn't matter. Simplify your thoughts and come up with words and phrases that will help you push on. You can even write down these phrases and hang them next to your goal Post-It note. At the very least, surround yourself with people that have similar goals as you.

Now, not only have you decided that you want to improve yourself, you actually committed to learning about how to achieve it. Let's get started using these personal development hacks now.

Before you finish reading this, stop and write down your main goal. Now that you've written your ultimate goal, write down the first thing that you are going to do to achieve this goal (It can even be to finish reading this post). Text or call a loved one and tell them what you wrote down. Tell yourself that you can do it.

And get to it!

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Joe Sellmeyer is a student at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University. He is majoring in Business Administration with a Primary Concentration in Marketing and a Secondary Concentration in Strategic Branding. He transferred to Fordham from Wagner College where he played Division 1 Football and studied Behavioral Economics in the Honors Program. Joe's ultimate goal is to start his own business. He has always been fascinated in consumer behavior and tendencies and the different factors that influence a purchase. He wants to continue to learn how to run and brand a successful business, so that he may manage his own one day.
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