New Sales Ideas for 2018: The Top 3 Ways to Grow Business (& Yourself)

August 29, 2018
New Sales Ideas for 2018: The Top 3 Ways to Grow Business (& Yourself)

If we’ve learned anything so far this year, it’s this: the way people buy is changing constantly. Keeping up with potential customers means that we must always be on the edge, relentlessly looking for new sales ideas to keep business flowing. And the good news is, the new sales ideas for 2018 in this post are a lot easier than you'd think.

You see, you and your sales team already have exactly what you need to reach your buyers. All you need to do now is tap into it!

Let’s talk about some of the new sales ideas for 2018 and the what your team absolutely needs to focus on to get and keep customers.

New Sales Ideas for 2018

So, what are the biggest new sales ideas for 2018?

I’ve been paying close attention to trends in the B2B sales world this year. On the Let’s Talk Sales Podcast, I’ve spoken to dozens of business owners/CEOs, authors, business coaches, sales managers, and salespeople about sales ideas and tactics.

And wouldn’t ya know: there are three themes that crop up on nearly every episode.

These three themes are important, yes. But even more interesting… these themes are also timeless.

So, as you’re keeping new sales ideas in mind, don’t forget to tap into old ideas too.

Here are the Top 3 Ways to Grow Business (and Yourself)

Let’s explore.

  1. Put Relationships First

Everyone’s looking for the next sales hack. We’re all looking for a quick way to get in front of prospects or a quick way to sell. We want what we want, and we want it now.

We also want technology to solve our problems. Algorithms, AI, social media targeting—it’s all about getting in front of our buyer’s, right?

Unfortunately, many of us seem to forget something very important—our buyers are human beings! Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never built a relationship with an algorithm before. Or a computer for that matter!

You see, I have relationships with people (and dogs… lots and lots of dogs!). And people… well, they like to be heard and understood. They like to be liked. They like to be appreciated and catered to. People like to be treated well.

As you’re figuring out new ways to sell, keep this in mind: building strong personal relationships will never, ever go out of style. Strong personal relationships will drive you, your business, and your bottom line.

Not good at building relationships? Don’t like people? Well, unfortunately, you’re going to have to do some soul-searching. It’s time to make some changes. As we enter into this last half of 2018, challenge yourself. Focus on building strong relationships, and let me know where it takes you!

Building Relationships for Success in Life and Work [and How Your CRM Can Help]

  1. Get a Mentor

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the workforce for three minutes or thirty years: having a mentor will change your life!

This is another theme we talk about constantly on Let’s Talk Sales. Nearly every person I’ve interviewed on the podcast has spoken about their own personal mentors and the incredible impact those mentors have played in their life.

Do you have a mentor? I’d love to hear more about how mentoring has helped you—throw me a comment below!

Don’t have a mentor? It’s time! If you don’t know where to start, I recommend asking your direct supervisor for advice. Let them know you’re interested in your own growth and if they can recommend a mentor for you. Alternatively, you could also throw up a quick post on LinkedIn asking if anyone knows any business mentors. Or, you might even consider tapping into a network like Vistage.

New Sales Ideas for 2018: The Top 3 Ways to Grow Business (and Yourself)

  1. Encourage Group Learning

This might just be the oldest of the new sales ideas but hey, it’s because it’s true! If you want to accelerate yourself, it’s all about surrounding yourself with smart people!

We’re huge fans of collaboration and of learning cultures. Why? Well, because they work!

Of the clients we’ve worked with, the ones who’ve succeeded are the ones that have extremely collaborative cultures that value continued learning.

Want to guess which companies didn’t do so well? Yep, you guessed it—the ones that didn’t value learning or collaboration.

So, as you’re working to build sales remember—if you want to go further, you can’t do it alone. And if you want untapped growth, it’s all about being open to continuous learning and development. Heck, you’re already reading this blog post—that’s a great first step to continued learning!

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