Need a Change Management Plan? 36 Signs to Look For

January 23, 2018
Need a Change Management Plan? 36 Signs to Look For

It’s easy to jump into a sales improvement initiative without developing a change management plan.

Sometimes you can get lucky and it all works out! Unfortunately, skipping a change management plan often results in a failed initiative.

Here are 36 signs to look for to see if you need to develop a change management plan for your sales improvement initiative.

12 Signs You Need a Change Management Plan for Developing a Sales PlayBook

Developing a Sales PlayBook is a popular sales improvement initiative this year. Here are 12 signs you need to develop a change management plan for your Sales PlayBook. The following problems often occur when people fail to consider change management.

  1. No one seems to have a strategic vision for what the sales playbook should be.
  2. Half the team (or more) doesn’t use the sales playbook.
  3. It’s full of stale and outdated information.
  4. It’s too hard to use.
  5. There’s too much there – no one knows how to navigate it.
  6. It’s full of individual tools and procedures, but there’s no overall context.
  7. Usage expectations aren’t clear: what should people actually do?
  8. There’s no new hire onboarding path.
  9. Content is unbalanced – too much process or policy, no best practices.
  10. There are too many systems already in use.
  11. One person or team wrote the content, so it's not widely relevant.
  12. No one customized the playbook for the team’s language and process.

12 Signs You Need a Change Management Plan for Implementing CRM

CRM is one of the most common sales improvement initiatives for any company. If you are concerned about your CRM implementation, look for these signs that you need a change management plan.

  1. No one “owns” the system.
  2. There’s no alignment on what the system should be doing and why the team is using it.
  3. Information is inaccurate or outdated.
  4. The team hasn’t been trained.
  5. The team isn’t using the system.
  6. There are no guidelines for users.
  7. Policies haven’t been defined.
  8. The system conflicts with the sales process.
  9. It doesn’t integrate with other key systems.
  10. No one customized the system to reflect the terms used by the sales team.
  11. System functionality isn’t working.
  12. There are dozens of custom fields and data points requiring manual entry.

12 Signs You Need a Change Management Plan for Training Your Sales Team

Sales training (and sales management training) can grow your team’s skills and get them aligned on using best practices. But if you forget about change management, you might find that the training isn’t working. Here are 12 signs to look for.

  1. The purpose of the sales training is unclear, either to management or to participants (or both).
  2. Some or all of the salespeople don’t believe they need sales training.
  3. The training conflicts with the existing sales process.
  4. Training doesn’t use relevant examples, so salespeople aren’t sure how to apply it.
  5. Instructors share too much information too quickly.
  6. The training is primarily instructor-led and doesn’t include role practicing.
  7. After the training, various people on the team apply different parts of the training with no consistency.
  8. Only the sales team participates in the training, and when they go on sales calls with colleagues like sales support or management, the other participants unintentionally sabotage them.
  9. The team tried to apply what they learned in the training, but quickly went back to their old techniques.
  10. There isn’t a method for collecting feedback.
  11. You don't have a process to evaluate training application.
  12. There aren’t metrics for measuring whether the training was successful.

So how did you do?

If you are seeing many of these signs in your sales improvement initiatives, check out our eBook with a simple 10-step change management process. Develop a custom plan based on the simple process, and you can get your sales improvement initiatives back on track.


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