My First Sale! – Keys to Successfully Closing a Deal

May 26, 2010
My First Sale! – Keys to Successfully Closing a Deal

I am thrilled to announce that I closed my first deal last week! There were a number of key factors that went into pulling it off, and I’ve taken a moment to identify the keys to successfully closing a deal that I learned along the way.

Keys to Successfully Closing a Deal:

1. Ask the right questions and listen to the answers.
Choose questions that will help you narrow down the prospect’s specific needs. This way, when it comes time to build the proposal, you will be able to select those offerings that add value and exclude those that don’t.

2. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know the answer but that you will find out and get back to the client.
While traversing the steep learning curve, you can’t expect to have all the answers in the beginning. Prospects would prefer you find out the correct information rather than attempt to construct a generic response on the fly.

3. Leverage the extensive knowledge of your team to answer specific questions.

Never underestimate how much you can gain from your coworkers’ expertise. If it makes sense and will add value, include them on the call. This will encourage the prospect to offer more detailed questions and begin to build a relationship that will carry over once the deal is secured.

4. Use web conferencing tools to discuss the proposal to ensure you are literally on the same page.
We use WebEx for our proposal reviews. This garners commitment from the prospect to be in a place where they can view the webinar, rather than having to call them when their full attention could be in jeopardy.

5. Commit to a follow-up date and time while on the call.
With everyone’s busy schedules it’s easy to lose track of appointments. I’ve found that setting a follow-up date and time while on the call ensures accountability for next steps and eliminates the need to track down the prospect to set an appointment at a later date.

6. When the prospect says they are ready to buy, know the next steps.
I was so excited when the client said they were ready to move forward my mind went blank and I completely forgot the next steps. Elizabeth soared in with the alley-oop.

7. Send a hand written thank you note.
Make a statement that you are willing to take the time to hand write a note. Thank them for the time and consideration they provided you throughout the process and reinforce how excited you are to work with them. Hand deliver the note, if possible, for a personal touch.

Hats off to Elizabeth and the entire team for bringing me up to speed so quickly and for providing me the tools and resources to position us for the win!

Do you have any of your own keys to successfully closing a deal? Let us know in the comments!

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