My Day with CampInteractive

June 29, 2009
My Day with CampInteractive

I had a great time yesterday at one of the outdoor events with the kids from my nonprofit, CampInteractive.

Go to our facebook page Criteria for Success for pictures.

Approximately fifty of us took a bus from the Bronx to the Delaware Water Gap for a day of team-building and fun rafting on the river. Each of the seven raft boat teams came up with a theme song.

Our CampInteractive Theme Song:

We came down from the Bronx today
To fight on the Delaware, hey, hey hey!
We are the “Super Rafter Pirate Ship”
And we will take no prisoners!

White water is our battle ground
We fought many battles and never drowned
We even captured our bailer back
‘Cos we are the pirates of the Pack Shack

Besides rafting, we hung out on dry land quite a bit, and I learned “Wha,” and “Ninja Slap,” which are games that are played in a circle, highly interactive, and super silly.

It was really inspiring to be with kids of varying ages between eleven and seventeen laughing, joking and participating in all the activities with such joy, despite their personal circumstances. I realized that having fun is the best way to get to know people and make new friends.

CampInteractive (CI) is a not-for-profit organization that empowers at-risk, inner-city youth through the inspiration of the outdoors, and the creative power of technology.
We believe that when urban teenagers step back into nature and forward into technology they gain invaluable skills, heighten their academic standing, and begin to realize more of life's possibilities

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