Marketing Ideas for Sales: It’s Time to Update Your Pitch Deck

August 16, 2017
Marketing Ideas for Sales: It’s Time to Update Your Pitch Deck

When it comes to marketing ideas for sales, don’t forget the philosophy!

It’s quite common for marketing to develop a pitch deck for sales. But rarely do I see a slide that describes a key company philosophy.

Let’s explore this.

Marketing Ideas for Sales: The “About Us” Slide

When it comes to marketing ideas for sales, I highly recommend starting with the pitch deck. A very common slide that I see quite often is the “About Us” slide. We’ve all seen it before. It’s the slide that pops up that lists the proud accomplishments of their company.

For example:

  • “We’ve been in business for X years.”
  • “We’re the biggest or best in the industry.”
  • “We’re experiencing meteoric growth!”

You get it: it’s all about “us.”

The problem with this approach is that it gives the prospect reasons to disqualify you! “Meteoric growth” might give the impression that you’re expensive, since you have to pay for the costs associated with growth—like additional salaries or expanding office space.

But more importantly, these types of slides don’t appeal to your audience. After all, they’re concerned about “them” and their unique problems!

So, when it comes to marketing ideas for sales, I suggest a different method. Instead of the “About Us” slide, focus on defining a workable relationship in the form of “philosophies.”

Marketing Ideas for Sales: Focusing on Philosophy

If your sales team is looking to make an impact, philosophy is where it’s at. Have marketing ditch the “About Us” slide and have them swap it out. The title of the new slide:

What We Believe Defines a Workable Relationship

Rather than focusing on “us, us, us,” the “Workable Relationship” slide describes your company’s core philosophies.

Below are three parts to consider.

Marketing Ideas for Sales: The Workable Relationship Slide

Have your marketing and sales teams define your company’s core philosophies in the following three parts:

1. We Are a Feedback Organization

The best place to start is by sharing that your company is a feedback organization.

What does this mean? Here are some things that your sales staff might say about this when pitching to a new prospective client:

“Our number one philosophy for a workable relationship is to give and get feedback on a timely basis. We live and die on feedback; positive or negative.”

“Many times, after presenting a solution for a new business opportunity, we are asked to submit a proposal. If this is the case here, we just ask for timely feedback on our proposal. We ask to be spared from radio silence!”

Using an approach like the above is the best way to avoid future disconnects and begin developing a healthy, workable relationship.

2. We Must Add Value

Adding value to the life and company of your prospect should be at the top of the priority list! Here is what your sales team might say about this:

“Our second key philosophy is that we must add value. In order to do this, we ask you questions, share solutions, and provide examples of success.”

“It is important for our organization to provide solutions that add significant value to your business.”

3. We Are Invested in a Long-Term Relationship

It’s important for prospects to know that they aren’t just “another transaction,” and that your company interested in investing in a long-term relationship.

Here is how your sales staff would explain this:

“We believe wholeheartedly that if we give each other feedback on a timely basis, and we continue to add value, then we will maintain a long-term relationship.” 

“As much as we would love to win this opportunity, we are more invested in preserving our great relationship with you.”

These are some specific marketing ideas for sales where marketing can empower sales to start a new relationship on the right foot.
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