Looking to Spark Change? Listen to Inspiring Speakers

January 10, 2018
Looking to Spark Change? Listen to Inspiring Speakers

The New Year is a great time for change, but important change can happen anytime. When you’re looking to spark change, or to keep up momentum, inspiring speakers can help.

TED talks offer some of the most inspiring speakers around! Here are 15 videos to help you spark change in your organization.

15 Inspiring Speakers to Help You Spark Change

Dare to Disagree – Margaret Heffernan

length 12:56
It’s tempting to think that everyone on your team needs to agree. But in this short talk, Margaret Heffernan shows us how disagreement is the key to progress.

As you’re making a change, make sure you’re listening to different perspectives.

How Diversity Makes Teams More Innovative – Rocío Lorenzo

length 11:05
We often talk about the importance of diversity, but not everyone understands the value of it. Rocío Lorenzo and her team surveyed almost 100 companies, and in this short talk, she shares what she learned about how diversity provides a competitive advantage.

As you’re looking to spark change, consider the makeup of your team. Do you have enough diversity?

Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe – Simon Sinek

length 11:59
Simon Sinek is one of my favorite inspirational speakers. He is able to communicate big ideas in relatable ways.

In this quick talk, Sinek shares a story from the military and demonstrates how great leaders create an environment of trust. Trust is a critical factor when you are experiencing change.

What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work? – Dan Ariely

length 20:26
As you look to spark change, it’s important to consider how to motivate your team. You may think money is the best way to drive motivation, but that’s not necessarily the case.

In this talk, behavioral economist Dan Ariely presents two experiments that reveal how people think about meaning in their work.

The Happy Secret to Better Work – Shawn Achor

length 12:20
Shawn Achor is one of the funniest inspirational speakers on this list. He studies positive outliers to learn best practices we can use to move the average upward.

In this talk, Achor demonstrates how happiness inspires us to be more productive.

How to Make Work-Life Balance Work – Nigel Marsh

length 10:05
Nigel Marsh took a year off work to better balance his life, and he learned that it’s easy to make your life work when you don’t have work to worry about. Unfortunately, work is necessary for most of us.

In this short talk, Marsh shares 4 observations that will help you make work-life balance work. Keep these in mind for yourself and your team as you undertake change.

How to Manage for Collective Creativity – Linda Hill

length 17:17
Harvard professor Linda Hill, co-author of Collective Genius, spent nearly a decade studying creative companies and leaders. She realized that traditional leadership doesn’t drive innovation.

Using Pixar as an example, Hill identifies the 3 key capabilities of building an innovative organization.

5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change – Jim Hemerling

length 13:21
In this talk, organizational change expert Jim Hemerling compares the excitement we feel about personal change to the dread we often feel about organizational change.

Hemerling outlines five imperatives, centered around your people, for making change empowering.

Everyday Leadership – Drew Dudley

length 6:14
We often think of leadership as something huge. In this short talk, Drew Dudley shares a funny and heartwarming story of how we can change people’s lives in small moments we don’t even remember.

What It Takes to Be a Great Leader – Roselinde Torres

length 9:19
Roselinde Torres has spent 25 years studying great leaders at work. She’s realized that our current leadership development models don’t build the right kinds of skills.

In this talk, Torres shares three questions leaders should ask to thrive in the future.

The Puzzle of Motivation – Dan Pink

length 18:36
When you are looking to motivate your team, you may be tempted to focus on compensation and incentives.

In this talk, Dan Pink demonstrates why that might not be the best approach.

Why We Need to Imagine Different Futures – Anab Jain

length 14:41
It can be hard to figure out how the consequences of our actions today will impact the future. In this talk, Anab Jain shares how she works to bring the future to life.

Bringing the future into the present can help guide the choices we make today.

Why You Think You’re Right – Even if You’re Wrong – Julia Galef

length 11:37
As you undergo change, motivated reasoning can twist your perspective and cause you to go off track.

In this short video, Julia Galef shares examples of motivated reasoning and challenges viewers to evaluate how they process information.

The Revolutionary Power of Diverse Thought – Elif Shafak

length 21:58
Have you ever remained silent because you knew a thought would be too big or complex to share?

In this talk, Shafak reminds us to share and seek diverse thought. It’s an important principle for driving change.

A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of Success – Alain de Botton

length 16:51
Change can be confusing and messy. Often, the results aren’t exactly what you expected.

In this talk, Alain de Botton examines how people look at success and failure, and provides an interesting perspective that can help you find pleasure in the process.

I hope these inspiring speakers gave you some ideas as you work to spark change in your organizations!

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