Let’s Talk Sales! Master Your Cash Flow with Al Zdenek – Episode 19

February 5, 2018
Let’s Talk Sales! Master Your Cash Flow with Al Zdenek – Episode 19

The featured guest on episode 19 is Al Zdenek. Al is the CEO & President of Traust Sollus Wealth Management and author of Master Your Cash Flow. As a wealth advisor and thought leader, Al focuses on helping his clients make the best financial decisions possible.

Al believes that anyone can have the financial future of their dreams, and wrote Master Your Cash Flow to help others achieve that mission.

Interview with Al Zdenek

On this episode, Al shares his insights on finances–from both personal and business perspectives.

He focuses on the idea of goal setting, and how this correlates to finance. Al believes that creating a great team matters and that if you have a great team, they'll take care of clients. But it doesn't just stop there. It's equally important to continue to nurture client relationships and to never take your clients for granted.

And, he also answers questions about:

  • The common lies, myths, and misconceptions about wealth management
  • His philosophy on finances
  • How CEOs, sales managers, and salespeople can “master” their cash flow
  • A tough lesson learned
  • Book suggestions
  • A piece of wisdom
  • A tactical sales tip that can be applied to your Sales PlayBook

Featured on this Episode:

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  • Business Cash Flow - Reply

    I have another podcasts to listen to tonight. Thanks for sharing this. I believe that I will learn a lot from this.

    • Rebecca Smith - Reply

      Thanks for listening!!

      Happy selling!

  • Tim - Reply

    This podcast is very helpful for me. This definitely helps me to be more knowledgeable and improve my skills. Thanks for sharing

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