Let’s Talk Sales! Interview with Scott Ingram of Sales Success Stories – Episode 65

July 16, 2018
Let’s Talk Sales! Interview with Scott Ingram of Sales Success Stories – Episode 65

The featured guest on episode 65 is Scott Ingram. Scott is an Account Director at Relationship One and is the host of the Sales Success Stories podcast.

The Sales Success Stories podcast began as a personal passion project for Scott Ingram. He was a frustrated salesperson and wanted to know how to break through to the next level. Queue the Sales Success Stories podcast. On the show he interviews top producers to learn more about what makes them top performers.

On Let's Talk Sales, we explore the insights and discoveries that Scott's made on his own podcast journey.

Interview with Scott Ingram

On this “Sales Leaders Talk Sales” episode, Scott shares insights on what makes top performing salespeople successful, tips and advice on sales, and so much more.

And, he also answers questions about:

  • His earliest memory in sales
  • His journey through business development
  • Whether or not we're all “salespeople”
  • A hard lesson learned
  • Resources that help in times of difficulty
  • Areas where he struggles, as well as where he thrives
  • Book suggestions
  • A piece of wisdom
  • A tactical sales tip that can be applied to your Sales PlayBook

Featured on this Episode:

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