Let’s Talk Sales! Interview with Jeremy & Jack – Episode 71

August 6, 2018
Let’s Talk Sales! Interview with Jeremy & Jack – Episode 71

This episode's featured guests are Jeremy Chatelaine and Jack Reamer. They are the hosts of the podcast Cold Email Outreach With Jeremy & Jack, where they share actionable strategies to help salespeople with their cold emails.

Jeremy, founder of, and Jack, founder of, both have years of experience in improving business' email tactics in order to help them grow. As experts, they decided to start a podcast together for anyone interested in finding the right strategies for their cold outreach. On the show, they share straightforward insights that help salespeople develop their cold email tactics.

Interview with Jeremy Chatelaine and Jack Reamer

On this “Sales Leaders Talk Sales” episode, Jeremy and Jack discuss starting their podcast, the true importance of subject lines, how to deal with rejection, and more.

And, he also answers questions about:

  • His earliest memory in sales
  • His journey through business development
  • Whether or not we're all “salespeople”
  • A hard lesson learned
  • Resources that help in times of difficulty
  • Areas where he struggles, as well as where he thrives
  • Book suggestions
  • A piece of wisdom
  • A tactical sales tip that can be applied to your Sales PlayBook

Featured on this Episode:

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