Let’s Talk Sales! Enabling Buying in a World of Selling – Episode 147

April 29, 2019
Let’s Talk Sales! Enabling Buying in a World of Selling – Episode 147

Hope you had a great weekend, Let's Talk Sales listeners! We have a very special episode in store for you today.

Throughout the month of April, we’ve been writing and talking about hiring and sharing best practices to help you make better hires. Be sure to check out the CFS blog for more information!

And don’t forget to download this month’s eBook, The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Sales Managers.

In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, I interview our founder and CEO, Charles Bernard, about his first book called Enabling Buying in a World of Selling, which will be published soon. Today, we’ll be talking a bit about why he’s writing a book and discussing its key themes.

Enabling Buying in a World of Selling Interview:

During the podcast, Charles and I discuss the following:

  1. What inspired him to write this book
  2. Some of the major themes he explores
  3. Advice for first-time authors
  4. Other book recommendations

Resources from the Interview:

We recommended a few of our resources during the podcast, and you can find them here:

1. eBook – Growing Self-Awareness

Are you a sales professional looking to increase your own self-awareness? Or maybe you're a sales manager looking to teach your sales team the importance of it?

Regardless, this eBook was created to help you grow both professionally and personally. We know firsthand just how impactful a little self-awareness can be for you and your business.

Click here or on the image below to download this eBook today!

self awareness ebook

2. Get a Sales PlayBook

Don't have a Sales PlayBook? Collavia exists to fix that! Collavia is a ready-to-use Sales PlayBook, with built in tools, training videos, and more to help you enable buying.

Click here or on the image below to schedule a demo of the Collavia Sales PlayBook.

Collavia is THE digital Sales PlayBook platform

Featured on this Episode:

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