Let’s Talk Sales! Being a Mentor with Debra Flanz – Episode 27

March 5, 2018
Let’s Talk Sales! Being a Mentor with Debra Flanz – Episode 27

The featured guest on episode 27 is Debra Flanz. Debra is a Women Presidents' Organization (WPO) chair in New York City. She is also the President and Founder of Business Clarity, an executive coaching firm.

With a background as a C-Level executive and entrepreneur, Debra is known for being extremely effective in helping senior leaders achieve powerful business results and career success. As an executive coach, Debra’s specialty is working with C-Suite executives and their teams. Having worked on four continents, Debra brings a valuable global mindset to her client relationships.

Debra has focused on the Financial Services industry for 25 years. During this time, she held senior business development positions with Schroders, Institutional Investor, Shearson Lehman/American Express and American Continental Properties. Debra has also been a Senior Advisor in the non-profit world.

Interview with Debra Flanz

On this “Conversations with Coaches” episode, Debra shares insights on sales, management, coaching, leadership, accountability, and so much more.

Debra shares the power of mentoring. She says that she learns as much from the people she's mentoring as they do from her. And that's a beautiful thing! As a CEO or senior leader, put this one in your pocket!

And, she also answers questions about:

  • What led her to become a mentor and advisor
  • The unique problems she sees as a mentor
  • What challenges business owners have with sales
  • What it takes to be a leader
  • A tough lesson learned
  • Resources that help in times of difficulty
  • Areas where she struggles, as well as where she thrives
  • Book suggestions
  • A piece of wisdom
  • A tactical sales tip that can be applied to your Sales PlayBook

Building Relationships for Success in Life and Work [and How Your CRM Can Help]

Featured on this Episode:

Debra mentions some excellent points on the podcast. She speaks about the importance of a healthy sales culture, and that motivating your team is important.

We also talked about the importance of sales compensation and time management.

More great stuff!

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