Let’s Talk Sales! Assessing the State of Your Business – Episode 197

October 21, 2019
Let’s Talk Sales! Assessing the State of Your Business – Episode 197

Throughout the month of October, we've been writing and talking about Assessing the State of Your Business. 

On this episode of Let's Talk Sales!, I interview our Chief Operations Officer and Senior Advisor, Elizabeth Frederick, and Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Laura Marchoff, about their latest eBook, Assessing the State of Your Business: Start with Sales. In it, you'll learn how to create a sales snapshot using the Sales Performance Assessment, how to implement new sales initiatives and more!

Click on the image below to download the eBook today.

Assessing the State of Your Business: Start with Sales

If you want to learn more about how to maximize your sales potential, you won't want to miss this episode! If you already caught the episode and you're here for the resources mentioned, keep on reading!

Assessing the State of Your Business episode:

During the podcast, Elizabeth, Laura and I discuss the following:

  1. Why it's important to assess the state of sales
  2. The types of problems a Sales Performance Assessment solves
  3. How to successfully implement new sales initiatives
  4. Actionable tips sales leaders should implement in their Sales PlayBook

Resources from Assessing the State of Your Business episode:

We recommended quite a few resources during the podcast, and you can find them here:

1. eBook – The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Sales Managers

As a sales manager, your goal is to build a strong team that supports a mission-driven company on its path to success.

Hiring great salespeople is a very important part of that path to success! If you're feeling frustrated by your current hiring system, we have a few ideas to share in the coming pages.

Click here or on the image below to download this eBook today!

The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Sales Managers

2. eBook – Sales Management Planning

Selling isn’t as simple as just selling. Well, not if we want to be excellent at selling, that is!

If you’re a sales manager or salesperson and want to transform the way you work, it’s time to start planning!

This free eBook includes checklists for both sales managers and salespeople that were designed to help manage your sales activities and goals.

Sales Management Planning: Sales Management Checklists to Transform the Way You Work

3. eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Sales Management

Do you manage a sales team? Do you find yourself struggling?

This eBook was written to help solve the top 10 challenges and problems that sales managers and sales VPs experience.

Complimentary eBook - The Ultimate Guide to Sales Management: Solutions to the Top 10 Problems that Sales Managers Experience

4. eBook – Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment is critical to success. That’s right: critical!

In this eBook, you'll discover 3 critical areas where collaboration is absolutely essential to the success and growth of your company.

Click here or on the image below to download it today!

Free eBook: Sales & Marketing Alignment: 3 Critical Areas Where Collaboration is Essential

5. eBook – Targeting

One important thing to understand about targeting is that it drives both inbound and outbound lead generation.

Your targeting strategy will impact the activities and initiatives that drive leads to engage with you, as well as the way your team proactively reaches out to potential leads.

Curious to learn more? Click here or on the image below to read this eBook.

Complimentary eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Sales Targeting: How to Attract and Pursue the RIGHT Leads for Your Business

6. eBook – Sales Training Topics Checklist

Did you know that continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employee? Or that the average company spends $10K – $15K hiring an individual and only $2K a year in sales training?

That's right… sales isn't dead! It's sales training that's gone wrong.

Salespeople and sales managers have endless opportunities. Unfortunately, they don't always have the right skills to be effective.

Download your Sales Training Topics Checklist today to assess where your current sales efforts are and get your team on the path to success!

Sales Training Topics Checklist

7. eBook – Change Management Process

Are you a sales manager, VP, or CEO struggling with change management?

Are you wondering how to successfully turn around your sales department and implement real change that actually sticks?

This guide outlines how sales training programs, CRM rollouts, and sales playbook implementations can fail–and how you can prevent it.

Download your copy to get a change management process in place today!

Free eBook: A Simple 10 Step Change Management Process

8. eBook – Accountability in Sales

As a CEO, VP of Sales, or Sales Manager, managing and guiding your team is a top priority.

But accountability, especially among your sales team, isn't always easy. Getting a team to follow through can often be a challenge.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to apply accountability tools in sales.

Free eBook: Accountability in Sales - A Guide for CEOs, Sales VPs, & Sales Managers on How to Guide Performance

9. eBook – Advisors, Coaches, and Mentors

Are you a business leader looking to take your career to the next level? Have you ever wondered what business advisors, coaches, and mentors do and how they might be able to help you?

This eBook is here to answer your questions about advisors, coaches, and mentors.

eBook - Advisors, Coaches, & Mentors: How They Can Help You Skyrocket Your Career

10. Offering – Let's Build a Problem/Opportunity Matrix

Want to learn how to solve your prospects' problems?

Click here or on the image below!

CTA: Problem Solving - Build a Problem Opportunity Matrix

Other Resources on Assessing the State of Your Business:

Interested in more tips on Assessing the State of Your Business? Check out the following resources!

  1. The Sales Performance Assessment: Accelerate Your Sales Growth
  2. 5 Sales KPI Examples to Predict Sales Growth
  3. Let's Talk Sales! Prospecting with Dan McDade – Episode 193
  4. Let's Talk Sales! Assessing Your CRM with Adam Honig – Episode 195

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