Let’s Talk Sales! Accountability in Sales with Charles Bernard – Episode 29

March 12, 2018
Let’s Talk Sales! Accountability in Sales with Charles Bernard – Episode 29

Are you a CEO or senior leader looking for ideas on accountability in sales?

Well, all month on the CFS blog, we're talking about accountability and the role it plays in sales. And of course, what it means for sales goals as well!

In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, I interviewed our CEO, Charles Bernard, on accountability in sales. He recently published a new eBook called Accountability in Sales: A Guide for CEOs, Sales VPs, and Sales Managers on How to Guide Performance.

Free eBook: Accountability in Sales - A Guide for CEOs, Sales VPs, & Sales Managers on How to Guide Performance

In the podcast, we share best practices for CEOs and leaders on accountability in sales.

Keys to Accountability in Sales

During the podcast, Charles and I discuss:

  1. What inspired Charles to write about accountability
  2. Accountability from a variety perspectives, including:
    • How Senior Leadership Can Grow Accountability in Sales
    • The Senior Leadership Accountability Vacuum
    • Resisting Accountability
    • Blaming Others
    • How Leadership Coaching Drives Accountability
    • Accountability with Clients
  3. The importance of accountability at every level
  4. Why accountability and workability with clients is so important
  5. How a Sales PlayBook can help with accountability
  6. And great advice from Charles on accountability!

Resources for Accountability in Sales

We recommended a few of our resources in the podcast, and you can find them here:

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