Is Sales Productivity Lacking at Your Company? Here’s What to Do

February 22, 2018
Is Sales Productivity Lacking at Your Company? Here’s What to Do

Do you constantly find yourself wondering why sales productivity seems either low or slow at your company?

If you’re a CEO—you’ve likely wondered if your sales VPs, managers, and salespeople could be doing more.

If you’re a sales VP or manager—you’ve likely wondered if your sales team could be doing more. Or, finding yourself wishing that the senior executives would provide more support or guidance.

And if you’re a salesperson—well, let’s just say you probably feel like all of the above have some great expectations.

Improve Sales Productivity with Realistic Expectations

Sales productivity and expectations certainly go hand-in-hand. We all have a tendency to think that those around us could be more productive. That if so-and-so did this, it would be easier for us to do that.

The problem with finger-pointing is that it’s rarely productive.

So, instead of pointing fingers, let’s explore some ways that each of us can contribute to the team. After all, a team that works together succeeds. And, it doesn’t matter if it’s your company or you’re an employee of the company: success at any level means that everyone wins.

Begin by Focusing on Planning and Goal Setting

It doesn’t matter who you are, positive sales productivity at any level starts with planning and goal setting.

As a CEO, are you providing accurate data and predictions to your teams? Are you giving them the resources they need to succeed? Is continued sales training a priority? Have you employed a Sales PlayBook to support sales productivity?

How to Track Return on Sales Training Investment

Now, let’s talk about the sales VPs and managers. Have you set realistic goals for your sales team members? Does your sales team know how to sell effectively? Are you engaging in sales training and mentoring? Do you coach your salespeople? Are you leading by example? Is your Sales PlayBook up-to-date and prioritized by you yourself first?

And lastly, salespeople. Are you working with your sales manager to set goals? Do you find yourself struggling to meet said goals? If so, are you seeking helping? Are you asking for mentoring and coaching? Are you studying and willing to go above and beyond to meet your goals?

Great Expectations or Realistic Expectations?

Now that we’ve unpacked some of what holds us back in the area of sales productivity, it’s time to reflect.

Did you find yourself resonating with any of the above? If so, take a step back. Determine exactly where the bottleneck in your productivity lies. Then put a plan together for how you’re going to fix it. As our CEO, Charles Bernard, likes to say, “a problem named is a problem solved.”

So, go ahead, take the reins. Take responsibility for your own role in the success of your company (that’s right, YOUR company! Even if you don’t own it, it’s still yours!). Clean up your problem areas and lead by example.

“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” – John Wooden

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