Ideas for Sales Scripts that Go Beyond the Phone

October 4, 2017
Ideas for Sales Scripts that Go Beyond the Phone

Sales scripts pretty much saved my life when I first started as a full time employee here at CFS. I had never truly sold before, and needed to get up to speed very quickly.

Sales scripts, however, are not just for new salespeople. If they’re done correctly, they can be used by a salesperson of any tenure, industry, or skill set.

Scripts can also be expanded beyond your classic cold call. You can have scripts for literally anything. If it’s in your sales process to send a follow-up email after each call, make a sales script for that email. If your sales people go to a lot of conferences, they should have a script for how they introduce themselves and your company’s product/service.  You get the point.

Interested on how you can use sales scripts to sell more? Check these ideas out:

Email Sales Scripts:

Anyone who has ever made sales calls knows one thing is true: a lot of times, people ask you just to email them any information you might have. And while you will continue to try to engage your prospect in a phone conversation (check out our eBook on Handling Objections & Pushbacks) you will also probably email them afterwards as a best practice.

I’ve realized that having email scripts is a huge time saver, especially when I have three different forms of email follow-up in my sales process.

As a best practice, I send an email after each voicemail I leave so my prospect has my information if they decide to follow up. This would sound something like:

            “Hi ____,

I just left you a voicemail, but I also wanted to reach out via email in case you should ever need my contact information. [continue to simply lay out offerings and propose a conversation.]”

The best part of these email scripts is that I can copy and paste them from my Sales PlayBook in mere seconds. I recommend making a script for each type of follow-up email you make regularly. These can be changed and updated upon your discretion (just make sure you update it in your PlayBook).

Voicemail Sales Scripts:

No one picks up the phone these days. I could probably recite the three or four different automated voice mail messages that you hear before you’re able to record your message. People are busy. They probably won’t pick up the phone the majority of time. This is why voicemail scripts are so important. Depending on why you are calling, you should create a sales script specifically for voicemail that is short and sweet and to the point.

A whopping 80% of all sales calls go to voicemail. That being said, you better have your voicemail sales scripts ready.

Thirty Second Commercial:

We preach the idea of having one of these here at CFS. Sometimes we are in situations where our mind gets jumbled whether is be from the environment, lack of sleep, nerves, or any other type of distraction. Having a script of exactly who you are and what you do and what problems you fix helps to avoid any miscommunication in this department.

Remember the formula: who you are + what you solve = personal statement. You can check out more on this topic here.

Ultimately, scripts are truly a helpful selling device. One of the most important things you should be aware of when you are using sales scripts is your tone. All of these ideas are worthless if you are reciting your script like lifeless robot.

If you have any other ideas of sales scripts, let us know in the comments below!
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