How to Target: Targeting Sales to Increase Your Chances of Closing  

November 13, 2018
How to Target: Targeting Sales to Increase Your Chances of Closing  

Are you a sales leader looking to create a better process for targeting sales? You're in the right place!

Many salespeople don’t necessarily think about targeting sales when delivering their pitch. As you can imagine, going out and trying to sell everything to everyone without properly identifying your target audience isn’t exactly a recipe for success.

Why? Well, for a multitude of reasons really.

Why is Targeting Sales Important?

First and foremost, there are only so many hours in the day. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “time is money.”

As a salesperson, you want to make sure that where you spend time, there is a good chance money will come out of it.

Comparably, money is time.

If you spent time on an activity that ended up not generating money, you may very well have missed out on another opportunity that would have.

To increase your chances of closing, not only do you need to say the right things, but you need to say them to the right people. This is why targeting sales is undeniably important.

On the same note, trying to be everything to everyone (and sell everything to everyone) can be overwhelming. When a sales person feels overwhelmed, they are less likely to perform well.

For example:

Can you imagine how disheartened a sales rep might feel if they delivered an awesome sales pitch to someone who would never buy from them? That’s time wasted right there if you ask me.

The fact of the matter is this:

There are nice people out there who will listen to you purely out of professional courtesy or just to be cordial. They have no intention to buy from you. Either because they have no decision-making power or no interest in/use for your product or service.

Wouldn’t it be nice to skip these conversations altogether? If your targeting strategy is on point, you should be able to avoid these time-wasting conversations.

As you can see, targeting sales is key. Catering to everyone is not conducive to success. Ultimately, you want to work smarter, not harder. Learning how to target will enable you to do that.

How to Target and Where to Start:

When learning how to target, it’s important you follow an organized approach. Start with what you know and work your way forward from there.

1. Analyze Existing Customers

Look at your customers and see where they are similar, as well as where they differ, across industry.

Make a list of demographics they fit into. An example would be industry or job title. Look for patterns and pay close attention to what you find. This will help greatly with the next step.

2. Build Buyer Personas

Look at your existing customer base and identify individuals who have been your most common decision makers.  Go through contacts and look for specific job titles and traits.

If you build strong buyer personas to help you with targeting sales, you will be less likely to be wasting time selling to uninterested leads.

Remember, things aren’t set in stone. Be sure to reevaluate regularly as market trends can change.

3. Know Your Competition!

When targeting sales, get ready to know how you differ from competition. See what competition is offering compared to your own.

Infer who their customers are based on this, and how their customer pool aligns with or differs from yours. This will give you clues on where you may need to be more aggressive in marketing to pull leads from a specific pool. Or, where you’re already doing very well and vice-versa.

4. Make it a Science

When you put this all in action, make it a point to set up a system for yourself. This system enables you as the seller to thoroughly understand each of your buyer personas. Understanding your buyers includes:

  1. what their typical hot spots/ reasons for buying are (including pain points)
  2. what their typical objections are, as well as how you should handle them.

Following all of the aforementioned steps should help you with targeting sales and ultimately, closing those deals!

Do you have any ideas for targeting sales? Let us know in the comments!

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