How to Solve Problems in Sales: Master the Art of Conversation

June 27, 2019
How to Solve Problems in Sales: Master the Art of Conversation

Are you a sales leader looking to help your team solve problems in sales? Focus on enabling them to master the art of conversation.

I find that a personal approach works well in sales. Forget pitching, overturning objections, and all of the logistics you have learned about.

A frank conversation with your prospect will get you much farther, especially in a consultative sale.


Well, not only will it help you build rapport with your prospect, it will help you uncover their pain points, concerns, and problems- both existing and potential. By mastering the art of skillful conversation and interviewing, you will master how to solve problems.

How to Solve Problems in Sales: Master the Art of Conversation

Work to interview your client and learn their wants and needs inside out.

While building rapport, you will also begin to get an understanding of problems your prospect faces.

Don’t assume what their problems are. Instead, let them talk!

By just listening, your client will be encouraged to paint the picture for you and verbalize concerns on their own without coaching from you. You will see why this is important in the next point.

Ask good questions.

A great portion of your success will come from asking good questions.

As you may or may not have noticed, we at Criteria for Success have a mission of Enabling Buying in a World of Selling.

Part of this entails unearthing concerns, questions, problems and uncertainties prospects face. The other part entails figuring out where to take the conversation accordingly.

When you ask good questions, you start to figure out how to solve problems because you will know what the problems actually are!

Help them discover their problems on their own.

One of the most effective ways to solve problems in sales is to help clients through a discovery process of the problems they have.

If they realize things on their own, they will feel better with their decision to buy than if you go above and beyond to convince them. When you implement discovery-based selling and let your client discover their problems as well as how you can provide solutions, they will see buying form you as an investment and not a cost.

Provide continuous support.

Sometimes, your prospect won’t immediately understand the problems they face and how your solutions can help alleviate them.

By leading them through the discovery process again, you may very well unearth additional problems or concerns. Don't forget – the discovery process should really never end. Even when you have signed the deal, there is always more to learn about the needs of your clients and how your solution can be enhanced to meet them.

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