How to Organize a Day in Sales: 5 Steps for Success

January 29, 2019
How to Organize a Day in Sales: 5 Steps for Success

Wondering how to organize a day in sales? You’re in the right place.

We all know how it goes: you get to work with a plan of exactly you want to do to tackle the day. You’re going to open your email to that signed contract. Then you’re going to send out the follow-up that will move another deal forward.

But in reality, you never know what you’re going to get. Especially in sales. That’s why we recommend following these five steps for success.

How to Organize a Day in Sales: 5 Steps for Success

Step 1: Stick to your steps

This is the first step because it’s the hardest! Sticking to your steps is one of the most important parts when organizing a day in sales.

High-priority items happen. Sticking to your steps doesn’t mean you ignore anything and everything that may come up that exists outside of your routine. Instead, these steps give you the ability to handle high-priority items when they come up.

If you’re focused on getting specific things done at time-blocked intervals, you won’t fall as far behind when you need to allocate an hour to fire-fight a problem.

Step 2: Take note of what you’re already doing

Decide on a day that you will be observing yourself. During this day, figure out how your current selling behavior could be better. Maybe you’re spending too much time on sourcing leads when you could be prospecting leads you already have or tried to sell to in the past.

Maybe you will realize that you’re not taking the time to send follow-up emails or log information into the CRM.

This step is about preparing an optimal sales environment for your future self. You want to make sure that you’re giving yourself the foundation to sell as efficiently as possible.

For example, if you were always logging information into the CRM, you would be able to sift through cold leads and know exactly where you left off with them. On the same note, you can make more informed selling decisions and spend less time doing things that don’t amount to sales.

Step 3: Consult your Sales PlayBook for advice

Want to truly know how to organize a day in sales? Consult your Sales PlayBook for your company’s best practices when it comes to selling.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel! All of the information you need exists in your Sales PlayBook. Learn from your current and past team members about how they found success at your company.

You never know what you will discover!

Conversely, contribute to the PlayBook while you’re in there. You will help others on your team and even yourself in this process.

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Step 4: Put the pieces together

Now that you’re committed to following these steps, you know what you need to do, and you’ve consulted your Sales PlayBook, you’re ready to put the pieces together.

All you need to do now is create categories that your selling tasks fall into, and time block your week to guide your day-to-day at work.

We recommend using the 5 areas of the Sales PlayBook for guidance when it comes to categorizing your tasks. These areas are as follows: prospecting, selling, support, system, and team.

Step 5: Keep it updated

Your sales process should remain constant at its core, but to remain relevant and competitive, you need to keep innovating. With that said, after a month of following your plan, look back to see if there’s anything you can change.

Maybe you discovered that it’s better to spend more time on selling and less on prospecting, or vice versa.

Ultimately, if you’re asking yourself how to organize a day in sales, you’re already off to the right start. Follow these five steps and you’ll be on the path to sales success.

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