How to Involve Sales for Successful Marketing Events

August 3, 2017
How to Involve Sales for Successful Marketing Events

It’s important for sales to actively participate in successful marketing events if the goal is to generate sales leads.

Drive Attendance for Your Successful Marketing Event

If your sales team has good relationships with prospective attendees, they have a much better chance of persuading them to attend. Marketing can help sales invite their contacts in an effective way. This includes providing templates for email, phone, and in-person invitations. 

Make sure sales is given a reasonable amount of time to reach everybody in advance to minimize calendar conflicts.

Prepare for Your Successful Marketing Event

Develop a 30-Second Introduction

Marketing can help sales craft a specific in-person 30-second introduction they can use at the event. 

Use the CRM

Use the in-house CRM system to indicate who was invited and whether they committed to come. Include other interesting notes about that conversation.

Review the Registration List

Marketing and sales should review the final registration list and develop an engagement plan. Members of the sales team who will attend can plan to use their time effectively by knowing whom they will connect with at the event. 

Do Research

Do some preliminary research on contacts you’re unfamiliar with. This would include looking them up on LinkedIn and other social channels you follow. 

Assign Salespeople to Attendees

Your company leaders can decide who is assigned to connect with a particular attendee. This can be especially helpful if there is a large list of new prospects.

At the Event  

Be the Host

To help make this a successful marketing event, every salesperson should act as the host. Sales can actively connect attendees with each other to ensure that plenty of networking goes on.

Use the CRM

Use your mobile friendly version of your CRM at the event.  Sales can enter notes about their conversations and even schedule follow up tasks in real-time.  Flag “drop-ins” who did not register by adding them to the event campaign.  This way, marketing can include them in the event follow up.

After Your Successful Marketing Event

Email Follow Up

Marketing sends out an email blast to all attendees and no-shows. Give people a heads up about another event, especially if it relates to the one that just happened.

Include Marketing in Sales Follow Up

Sales should copy marketing when they send event follow-up emails.  Marketing can see how follow up happens to craft future emails.  To better understand the selling point of view, marketing could sit in with sales as they make follow-up calls.  At the event, marketing can give out members of the sales team’s business cards.

Include Sales in Marketing Follow Up

Sales can introduce attendees to marketing.  These people can write blogs or become guest speakers.  Sales can also give out members of the marketing team’s business cards.

Sales can also target people for marketing to follow up to schedule onsite executive briefings or conference calls.

Monitor Key Indicators

Review how many people were invited and how many showed.  How many of those were contacted directly by a salesperson?  How many opportunities were created in the pipeline that resulted from your successful marketing event? How many new referrals were generated?

Following these tips will help you create a successful marketing event.

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