How to Increase Sales in Just ONE Step

September 13, 2017
How to Increase Sales in Just ONE Step

Are you a CEO, Sales Manager, or salesperson wondering how to increase sales in your organization? Well of course you are! You clicked on the title of this article!

So, let’s cut to the chase. I’m sure you’re thinking, “come on, Rebecca, get real. If there was a ‘secret’ selling trick, I would’ve heard about it by now.” And you know what, you might just be right! You probably have heard this “secret” selling trick before. My question to you then is, “well, why aren’t you using it!?”

Let’s explore.

How to Increase Sales in Just ONE Step

So, what’s the super-secret trick on how to increase sales and sell anything to anyone?

Wait for it.

Okay… here it is:

If you want to increase sales and sell like a beast, you MUST become a problem solver.

Why? Because people care about problems! We all have problems. And your prospects are no different. They have unique problems—both at work and at home. So, if you want to sell, you’ve got to add value first. Be a problem solver!

Remember: people don’t buy from you because they care about your products or services. They buy from you because they care about the problems that your products or services solve for them.

Problem Hunting

If you want your organization to thrive, it’s time to put on a new hat! You are now a problem solver. And as a problem solver, what might you need a lot of? Well, problems! Your first step to success is to go on a hunt for problems.

Think about what you sell as a set of solutions. You might have 10, 20, or even hundreds. Perhaps you might think about this by product or service. At CFS, we refer to each of these as a Solution Set.

The most important piece of your Solution Set is thinking about which features and benefits of one part of your offering solve a particular problem.

Here is an example of a Solution Set:

How to Increase Sales in Just ONE Step

Connect every Solution Set to a success story that demonstrates that it actually solved a problem. That way when you’re helping a new prospect to solve their problems, you’ll have examples to show how you’ve solved this issue in the past.

Solution Set Exercise

Ready to get started solving problems for your prospects and customers? Grab a flip chart, get your team together, and get solving! Don’t forget to tee up your Sales PlayBook as well. Once you’re done building out your Solution Sets, you’ll add the responses in the “Selling” section of your Sales PlayBook.

Follow the steps below for this team building Solution Set exercise:

Step 1:

On the flip chart, begin by listing the “features” of your product or service.

A “feature” is a unique element of your offering. For example, let’s say that you sell an app that is designed to track food intake, weight, and recipes. A “feature” of this app might be that it has over 100,000 different food items already pre-programmed in it.

So, on the flip chart, have your team list out 10-20 features that your product or service has.

*Note: The best features are unique. If your competitors could say they have the same feature, it’s not a great one to use.

Step 2:

Once you’ve made a list of the features of your product or service, divide your team into triads.

Step 3:

Assign each triad with a certain number of features from your features list. It might be 3 features per triad, or 5. The number is completely up to you. What’s important is that each team is working on a smaller chunk of the features. This allows everyone to contribute.

Step 4:

Once each triad has their list of features, have each team build out the “benefits” that the listed features provides.

A “benefit” is pretty clear-cut. It’s simply the benefit that the listed feature provides. For example, if the feature of your food app is that it has 100,000 different food items pre-programmed in it, the benefit is that users will not need to manually enter food entries, which ultimately, saves them time

Step 5:

Last, it’s time to list the “problem solved” by the feature.

A “problem solved” is the opposite of the benefit. For example, if the benefit is that it saves users time, the problem is that manually entering food items takes too long.

Activating Your Solution Set

Now what do you do with the exercise your team just performed? It might seem like all you’ve done is create a triangle!

How to Increase Sales in Just ONE Step

Think about consultative selling for a minute. You want to ask good questions to expose problems. This allows you to share solutions and tell success stories.

Well, a solution set addresses the middle of that process. Now you need a “question” and a “story” to pair with each solution set. At CFS, we call this activating the solution set. You activate it by asking a question.

An example of a question for each solution set typically sounds something like:

“Please tell me about a time when…” followed by the problem. So, for the food intake app you might ask, “Please tell me about a time when entering food items took too long.”

How to Increase Sales: Next Step

Now you know how to increase sales in just ONE step!

But I’ve got a next step for you! We have two additional problem-solving exercises that will help you succeed at being a problem solver for your clients. Click here or on the image below to download a copy of our free eBook: How to Sell Anything to Anyone: A Problem-Solving Guide for Sales Managers, Sales Leaders, and Salespeople and get the problem-solving templates.

eBook: How to Sell Anything to Anyone - A Problem-Solving Guide for Sales Managers, Sales Leaders, & Salespeople

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