How to Handle Indecisive Prospects: 5 Unique Approaches

July 8, 2021
How to Handle Indecisive Prospects: 5 Unique Approaches

Are you struggling to make headway with indecisive prospects? We can help!

When working with indecisive prospects, it can be extremely difficult to move forward in your selling process. You don't want to waste your time, but you also don't want to rush your potential clients into something they don't want or aren't ready for. That's why we've come up with a list of simple approaches you can take to move things along with potential clients who seem stuck.

The 5 following approaches can be your solution for dealing with indecisive prospects without seeming desperate and pushy.

1. Be prepared so you can be confident.

As a salesperson, you've probably been asked questions like, “How does your company differ from others? Why is your pricing higher than your competitors?” Do you know how to answer these questions, and are you prepared to present a clear answer for the prospect? In order to find the solution to this conflict, the seller must be extremely prepared.

As the sales advisor, it's vital to be prepared with facts so you can be confident in your services. Providing the buyer with sufficient information upfront and a list of answers to questions they may potentially ask you shows that you've thought ahead and had them in mind.

2. Share success stories.

From the very beginning, an effective tool to use is white-papers or testimonials from past and current clients. This provides the buyer an opportunity to hear your success stories. Using testimonials can be especially valuable if the companies are in the same markets; it gives them an additional push forward in the process.

One way to freshen up your success stories is by chatting with your colleagues and hearing what they have to say. Is there a top performer on your team that you look up to? Maybe they can help you nail down or tweak your success stories to fit the needs of your prospects. Check out this unique webinar we have on storytelling and knowledge transfer, and learn to improve your communication with your team and clients.

3. Lead with honesty.

When you are open and honest in your first discussion about how you will bring value to your indecisive prospects, they will be more engaged in what you have to offer. Be sure to present all the costs up front, because there is no use in investing time on a prospect that does not have the budget for your product or service.

Buyers sometimes reach a point of confusion following a sales meeting, especially when deciding between the benefits of two companies’ products and services. This is especially true if they are investing in a product or service they ran into problems within the past. With an honest approach, buyers will know what they are getting themselves in to and will be able to avoid uneasy feelings about their decision-making.

In short, not only do buyers appreciate honesty, but such transparency can also save sellers time.

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4. Be yourself.

As a sales person, your emotional state is important in making your potential client feel comfortable. If you're actually excited about the product or service you're selling, buyers will be able to pick up on that. So show excitement and enthusiasm, and keep it genuine!

It's important to be yourself so that buyers know who they are getting in business with. This also saves you the energy of having to try and be someone else. If your prospects know you, they are more likely to refer you to others since they trust that you are who you say (and show) you are.

5. Follow through.

Show commitment and interest in working on an opportunity with a prospect by maintaining contact through regular emails and phone calls. Your clients want to feel taken care of and to not have to worry, and this is a great way to show that you care and are a trusted salesperson.

Don't let the uncertainty of the buyers to hinder your sales performance! Remember these simple guidelines and you will achieve your utmost success when dealing with hesitant prospects.

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Have any ideas on how to work with indecisive prospects? Tell us know in the comments! Want more from CFS? Check out our podcast, Let's Talk Sales.

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