How to Find a Business Mentor to Start Growing Today

December 27, 2018
How to Find a Business Mentor to Start Growing Today

If you've been following the CFS Blog, you've likely been reading quite a bit lately about advisors, mentors, and coaches. In my last article, Business Mentors: What They Do, Why It Matters, & How They Can Help You, I shared some details on the benefits of working with a business mentor. And today, I'm here to share some ideas on how to find a business mentor.

How to Find a Business Mentor

If you’ve never had a business mentor before, don’t worry. Finding and working with a business mentor is easier than you’d think!

I recently entered the Vistage Emerging Leader Program and working with a mentor is a huge piece. When I joined the program, our group chair provided a list of CEOs. Yes, dozens of CEOs volunteered to mentor others! And guess what? There are thousands of leaders that would love an opportunity to serve as a mentor.

Here are some ideas on how you can find a mentor to work with:

1. Ask Your Boss

If you’re not a CEO, or you have a manager, this is a great place to start! Talk to your boss and let them know that you’d like to focus on professional development and that you’re looking for a mentor.

Most employers or bosses would be more than happy to help you find a mentor. So, just ask!

2. Ask Your Network

LinkedIn is about more than just digital resumes! LinkedIn is also a great place to engage with your community.

Toss a comment in your feed and see if anyone in your network can recommend a mentor. If you’re looking for someone specific—say, a mentor on the advertising space, or in the tech industry, be sure to specify.

LinkedIn also has a new feature called PROFINDER to help you connect with professionals. However, I will note that this is primarily for paid functions – like a business coach, life coach, or leadership development professional. Remember, a mentor is someone who is working from the heart to help develop someone else—they’re not paid to help.

3. Search on Social

You might be surprised to hear this, but this is where hashtags can actually help!

Search the #businessmentor hashtag on LinkedIn and Twitter, and you’ll discover people in the field. Again, you might run into coaches that charge for their services, but it doesn’t hurt to ask them if they know of any free mentors.

4. Search on Google

Nearly everything can be Googled today, so don’t forget to hit Google!

Searching “business mentors [in my area]” or “business mentors [in my industry]” is a good place to start.

Selecting a Business Mentor

After you’ve finished researching potential mentors, it’s time to choose one. You might find that you connect with a mentor immediately. If this is the case, awesome! You are now on your way to professional growth!

If for some reason something doesn’t seem right with the mentor you’ve approached, keep going. It is okay to interview mentors. In fact, Vistage recommends that you interview 1-3 mentors before making a decision.

Still Need Help?

Want to learn more about mentors or need help finding a mentor? Our team here at Criteria for Success is dedicated to your success. We’d be happy to talk with you and connect you to business mentors in our network.

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