How to Facilitate Successful Sales Team Collaboration

February 19, 2019
How to Facilitate Successful Sales Team Collaboration

Do members of your sales team work together? My guess is that your answer to that question would be “yes.” But, then change to something like “I think so”.

Most sales teams do seem to work together, but the question is how well?

Here are some tips to create an environment that facilitates successful sales team collaboration.

1. Encourage friendly competition.

Generally, sales reps have sales quotas to meet. Simply put, they can do so by collaborating with team members or working alone. Don’t be afraid to encourage some friendly competition while encouraging collaboration.

You can work team building exercises into sales meetings or create accountability groups.

2. Communication is key.

Successful sales team collaboration starts when the environment encourages communication among team members.

Your sales team should leverage collaboration tools, but not rely solely on them. Pick up the phone, or better yet, meet with team members face to face whenever possible. This way, things are less likely to get lost in translation.

3. Cohesiveness is important, especially when growing.

If you are adding members to your sales team, look to hire candidates who mesh well with your existing team. Use a core team to your advantage and grow around them.

Utilizing the strengths of your core sales team will not only help you onboard new team members and continue to grow, but it will also contribute to a more cohesive environment. If need be, get some of your sales team involved in the hiring process and consider input on candidates.

4. Promote the greater good.

In an environment that facilitates successful sales team collaboration, your team will feel like they are contributing to the greater good.

Establish a company or team goal and have reps work on progressing towards it by collaborating. This can include helping to coach new team members, helping new hires get acclimated and learn the ropes, and teaching back what they know while sharing things that have worked for them.

It is especially important to get your sales team involved in and collaborating on creating/ or adding to your sales playbook. If you don’t have a sales playbook, click here to learn about how we can help you with that.

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5. Meetings are key.

Successful sales team collaboration starts at successful team meetings. Whether you meet once, twice, or five times weekly, just be sure to meet. And when you do meet, do your best to maintain a positive atmosphere and curb negativity before it spreads like wildfire.

Encourage your sales team to share wins and things that have worked for them, thus giving everyone an incentive to buy in.

6. Dedicate time to collaboration

Not only should you set aside time for collaboration at sales meetings, but if you have any special projects, you should time block some time for working on those as well. These types of sales team collaborations help create an environment where coaching takes place and reps learn from one another.

Take the above tips into consideration and watch how sales team collaboration helps your team surpass their goals!

Do you have any more ideas on successful sales team collaboration? Let us know in the comments!

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