How to Build Loyalty with Customers by Sending Strategic Emails

January 24, 2018
How to Build Loyalty with Customers by Sending Strategic Emails

Even now, when people seem to be overwhelmed with content posted literally everywhere, emails are still effective. This might seem surprisingly (since you likely have a ton of unread emails in your inbox right now). But the reason is actually very simple: people treat emails delivered to their inbox differently than the rest of the content posted online.

Why? Because an email looks like something more personal. And if it’s written right, it indeed is more personal. That’s why emails are so effective, assumed they written well enough. And that’s why you should include them in your marketing strategy.

But in order to make the most out of them, you need to know what to focus on. Not every email has an amazing impact on the readers, so here are some key tips that could help you instantly improve your email marketing campaign.

5 Tips for Sending Strategic Emails

  1. Work on the style.

If you have even a couple of customers who write you back, you can begin by analyzing their writing.

If you think that you don’t have enough material to do so, try to focus on everything you know about your target audience. Then, try tailoring your style to the one you think they like.

The topic of any marketing email is without a doubt important. However, there’s one thing that can instantly make your emails more appealing to the customers no matter what the topic is: it’s the style. If you tailor your style to the one your clients use or prefer, this will help you a lot.

  1. Remind them about various things.

There are plenty of things used to increase customers’ loyalty and boost sales: discounts, coupons, loyalty programs, etc.

However, no matter how tailored to the time your emails are, there’s always a chance that your clients will receive them when it’s not convenient for them to make a purchase. There’s also a chance (a pretty big one) that they’ll forget about the discount soon enough.

That’s why reminding them about a certain offer before it expires is always a good thing. Your clients might not use this offer—but if they did want to use it and forgot about it, they’ll appreciate the reminder a lot.

  1. Offer something exclusive.

Most people who subscribe to your emails and read them are indeed your loyal customers—and it’s good to reward them for their loyalty from time to time. After all, you need to show them that they do get some perks for subscribing.

So, what exactly can you offer them? There are plenty of options.

For example, you could offer extra discounts. You can also offer some premium content to them. For instance, if you’re running a website that specializes in essay writing, you can send them an email with tips on crafting a strong book report.

You can also inform them about an upcoming deal early or send them a link that would allow them to get an early access to a certain deal.

  1. Tell some stories.

People love stories. Often, it's the stories and personal details that hold their attention or allow them to finish a certain post or subscribe to a certain blog. Adding some personal stories to your emails can make them more interesting and engaging to read.

But the best way to really attract people with a story is to make the story about them, not you. By focusing your attention on your clients and showing them that you remember and care, you’ll make them happy and more loyal. After all, they came to love your products or services for a reason. It’s always good to remind them of that reason.

How can you do this? An example would be sending them a year in review where you remind them how many times they used your service—or by showing what they purchased most recently from your website.

If your company is a fashion store, you could use a diagram showing which percent of their purchases were shoes, clothes, accessories, etc. If you are an essay writing service, you can make a list of academic niches they needed help with the most.

  1. Remember that the details matter.

Small details actually play a huge role in email marketing. For example, even a thank you email that follows a purchase can increase a customer’s loyalty. Adding a discount to the next purchase can please clients too, just like adding a list of recommended products based on their last purchase.

The same goes for birthday and holiday greetings. Of course, many companies come up with some really exciting emails when holidays roll around. They introduce holiday products, offer discounts, and so on. Now, you should do this too, but you shouldn’t settle with just that. Remember your clients’ birthdays too, and be strategic and personal about it.

While sending a greeting email is already a nice thing to do, it would be even better to add some kind of a present to the greetings. A present could be something small (but nice) like a useful spreadsheet your client could print, an eBook, a discount, etc. It’s not its size and price that matters—it’s the attention that comes with it.

Moving Forward

I hope these tips help as you work to build rapport with your customers. Keep in mind that every industry and niche is different—what worked for you at a previous job might not apply where you are now. So, analyze your results to figure out which ones work best. Then, focus on doing more of what’s working.

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