How to Build a Winning Sales Team

July 12, 2016
How to Build a Winning Sales Team

Are you looking to build a winning sales team?

You’ve likely discovered that it takes more than a few winning salespeople to create a winning sales team.

Being successful means winning consistently. But we believe that it’s more than that.

At CFS, success means that we all win.  Success means that our collaboration as a team leads to breakthroughs, and those breakthroughs lead to growth.

To us, success means making an impact in the world—an impact that influences positive change.

Success for us also means that our team operates from a state of integrity and that the clients we serve are treated with the utmost respect. If we’ve learned anything from being a sales training organization, it’s that honesty is truly the key to success—both for us as a company, and for our clients.

Today's post is part one in a five part series on building a winning sales team. If you prefer to discover the five stages at once, feel free to download our free eBook.

How to Build a Winning Sales Team

Stage 1: Context

We’d like to begin by focusing on the core of your business.

Is your sales team operating from a state of desperation to close deals? Are they so focused on making deals that they often bypass mechanical things like tracking notes and processes in your CRM or playbook? Does your sales team use tactics that you don’t like, but allow because they move deals forward?

We see this quite a bit. The old-school idea of sales tells us that in order to win at selling, salespeople need to simply hit their numbers. Do whatever it takes, rinse, and repeat.

But we believe that if you want to create a truly successful, world-class, winning sales team, you’ve got to start at the core. I don’t mean to get emotional on you—but consistent success really begins at the heart of each and every person on your team.

You see, financial motivation might work to motivate your salespeople towards reaching goals—but does it motivate them to move beyond the standards set for them? Does it motivate them to work beyond their KPIs and take selling and your company to a new level?

Your Mission

We believe that your mission as a company is the biggest driving force on the path to success or failure.

Let’s talk about your mission for a minute. I’m not simply referring to your mission statement. You know, the one that was developed eons ago and is probably too long to recall?

We’ve talked to salespeople about company mission statements and many feel little to no connection to these mission statements. They say these types of statements are full of highfalutin words and fail to spark excitement among the team.

Well, if this is true—wouldn’t this be a great place to start? I’d say so! Let’s explore your mission and your company’s mission statement.

Start with Why

If you haven’t watched Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” or read his book, Start with Why, I highly recommend that you do!

Simon Sinek presents a brilliant observation in both his talk and book. He believes that great leaders inspire action when they start with why.

Great leaders share why they do what they do.

Now, Simon makes it clear that “the why” is not to make a profit. He argues that “the why” to make a profit is simply a result. Rather, when leaders determine WHY they are doing what they are doing—the reason why they started a business or went into a specific industry—that is the why.

So, let’s get started on this: what is your why?

  • What is your purpose?
  • What is your cause?
  • What is your belief?
  • Why does your organization exist?
  • Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
  • And why should anyone care?

Once you’ve determined your why, it’s time to share it with your team and discover theirs.

We recommend posing the questions above during your next team meeting. You might begin by sharing your why as a baseline. Alternatively, you might save your why for last—it’s up to you!

Building a Winning Sales Team: Moving Forward

I hope the above has you energized and ready to move to the next step! Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we share more about the five stages for building a winning sales team.

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  • Barry Hall - Reply

    Thanks Rebecca,”WHY” because as usual a great post. Thanks Barry.

    • Rebecca Smith - Reply

      Thank you for reading, Barry! We appreciate you!!!

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