How to be The Effective Sales Manager Your Sales Reps Want

October 11, 2018
How to be The Effective Sales Manager Your Sales Reps Want

Looking to be an effective sales manager? Start by emulating the type of manager your team members want.

Believe it or not, it wasn't too long ago, you were in the shoes of your team members. You were hitting the streets as a road warrior, banging out cold calls, and/or pushing the limits to reach quota by the end of the month!

So how can you be the effective sales manager your reps want?

Keep reading to find out:

Ask for feedback.

This is crucial to being the effective sales manager your sales reps want. One thing to keep in mind is that sales reps may not be comfortable giving you negative feedback. Work around this by accepting feedback through anonymous surveys.

It’s important to do this frequently. If you like, it can even be a casual question to someone one-on-one. You could ask, “I’ve been meaning to ask you – do you have any feedback for me? Am I being a good manager to you?” You’ll be very happy to see how this question not only creates a very healthy conversation, but it makes you a more respected manager.

Asking for feedback makes your sales reps feel heard. It also brings you one step closer to being the sales manager they want you to be.

Learn from your mistakes.

Listen, not all feedback is going to be praise. You’re actually lucky if you get negative feedback – this is how you will learn and be a better manager.

Let’s take the question I mentioned above. The sales rep you ask says you’re a fantastic manager, but your one weakness is that you micromanage when you get stressed or have deadline pressure.

Learn from this feedback by being aware of your tendency to micromanage. This will show that you are receptive and respectful of the wants and needs of your team members.

Help them learn and grow.

If you’re not aware by now, we are huge promoters of a strong learning culture. Not only does it enable you to be the best manager possible, it improves performance, engagement, and happiness of team members.

Make sure you set aside time during team meetings to help your reps be better. Maybe have a weekly or monthly theme that you focus on improving. And in each team meeting, have team members talk about the different ways they worked to improve it.

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At the end of the day, the manager is only as good as the team. Make sure you are enabling your team members to learn and grow and you will as well.

So, do you think you can be the effective sales manager your reps want you to be? I have complete faith in you! Just remember these three things – the rest will happen naturally.

Have any other ideas on being an effective sales manager? Let us know in the comments!

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