How Culture Development Creates Happy Clients

November 8, 2017
How Culture Development Creates Happy Clients

You’ve heard it thousands of times: successful culture development is probably the greatest thing you can do for the growth and stability of a business.

As a sales leader, you’ve got many years under your belt from different teams, companies, roles, and titles. You know that culture is a crucial part to a functioning business and team, and can probably guess that culture development leads to other positive things in any company.

But how exactly does culture development lead to happier clients? That’s where it gets interesting! Believe it or not, your clients can get a good sense of your company or team’s culture throughout the buying process. They are the direct audience of the ins and outs of your prospecting efforts, sales process, and nurturing processes. Ultimately, they are second in line (behind your employees) to feel the positive impact of culture development.

How Culture Development Creates Happy Clients:

1. Happy employees means happy customers.

Culture development is a sure-fire way to increase employee morale, relationships, and overall mood about work. Happy employees are more willing to go above and beyond for the company they work for, thus willing to go above and beyond for the clients of that company as well.

2. Happy customers means happy employees.

If customers are happy with the guidance of your sales team, they will be more open-minded when it comes to troubleshooting, upselling, or whatever else your employees might be doing with the customer post-sale. Ultimately, when your customers are happy, they are easy to work with, putting your employees in a better mood as well!

3. It reminds employees that they matter.

No matter how senior or how successful the employee is, everyone appreciates… wait for it…  appreciation. When you feel like your work is being noticed, you want to do your best. To make this happen, remind your salespeople that their work with clients is what keeps people coming back for more business.

4. Culture development teaches by example.

As a sales leader, if you’re constantly emulating culture development and what you want your employees to act like, they will follow suit. If you tell your sales team to share their best practices and secret sauces, yet you sit behind a closed door, there will be apprehension when it comes to culture development. However, if you promote collaboration and trust and actually take the time to know your employees, they will do the same with each other and their clients.

So now that you understand how culture development and client happiness is directly related, what are you waiting for?

Happiness is contagious: start internally to drive happiness with your clients. Imagine how much more excited they will be to work with your employees if their culture isn't great! In the end, people want to be around other people that make them feel good.

By driving culture development at your own company, you’ll do the same to anyone who contacts your employees!

Have any other ideas of how culture development makes clients happier? Let us know in the comments!
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