Hiring Process Steps: Here’s How to Hire the Right Salespeople

October 11, 2016
Hiring Process Steps: Here’s How to Hire the Right Salespeople

When the hiring process steps were drafted at your company, did you notice something missing?

You probably noted that there were sections for the job description and how to conduct an interview. Maybe there was even a section on red flags or things to look out for.

But what about how to actually determine if a candidate is the right fit? Not just the right fit on paper, but the right fit culturally?

The Right Salespeople

In August I wrote an article about having the right salespeople on the bus. It focused on determining if you have the right people on your current team—or if you need to make some changes.

Today’s post is the next step in the How to Build a Winning Sales Team series.

With that said, you have may discovered a few things after reading the previous post. In fact, it’s possible that you may have even lost a member or a few members of your sales team as you went through the process as it was outlined.

But just know that if you did—that’s ok! It’s actually a good thing.

Your Future Team

Truthfully, the goal is to end up with team members that are excited—about the future, about shifting the mentality of sales, about growth, about everything. If you discover that there are members of the team that are not excited, don’t want to change, and don’t see any reason to change—well, they aren’t really your teammates then, are they?

Moving forward, I encourage you to focus your time and energy on people that care.

Tactically, there are a few things to look for when hiring and adding new people to the team. For us at CFS, the most important differentiator—aside from experience and skill—is what the candidate themselves believe and their cultural fit within our team.

Hiring Process Steps for Sales Managers: Hiring the RIGHT Salespeople

Charles and others from our team have emphasized the importance of The Chemistry Test as a critical part of every sales managers hiring process steps.

In fact, it’s so important, that I’m detailing it again here. As Charles would say, “we really study this stuff,” and we have discovered that The Chemistry Test works. It is truly the key to hiring the right candidate for ANY job position—it’s not just limited to sales!

The Chemistry Test

When hiring for any position, we use what we refer to as the chemistry test. This test is designed to do a few things:

  • Discover how a candidate responds under pressure
  • Discover how they interact with our team
  • Discover how they describe what they believe

In the end, the chemistry test helps us determine if a candidate is a good fit culturally. As in, do they believe what we believe? Are we aligned?

Want to try this one on? Here are some mechanics:

How to Employ the Chemistry Test

Provide the candidate with an opportunity to ask you questions. Evaluate the quality of the questions they are asking – this will indicate how they will question prospects and clients.

If the candidate is meeting expectations and could potentially be a good fit, ask them to stand and give a brief presentation on themselves.

The four topics of the presentation:

  1. Core values
  2. A personal or professional win
  3. What I do not like doing but will do anyway
  4. Anything else to share

Use this presentation to learn more about the candidate, but also to evaluate his or her presentation style. You may want to have other members of the team sit in on this presentation as well.

Chemistry Test Results

Grading someone on “chemistry” might seem a little confusing—but it’s really very simple.

  • What stood out to you about the way that the candidate responded to each questions?
  • Did you like or dislike their responses?
  • Do they believe what you and your company believe?
  • Did they seem comfortable speaking openly with you and your hiring team?

Use these questions as a guide—but really pay attention to fit. If something a candidate says makes you feel uncomfortable or their views clearly oppose those of your organization, our guess is that they are not a good fit.

Hiring Process Steps

Looking for a fool-proof hiring process steps that works? We believe our hiring process steps will help you find the right people at the right pace.

Click here or below to download our free eBook on Hiring.

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