Gravity Selling is the New Sales Philosophy

August 18, 2015
Gravity Selling is the New Sales Philosophy

Gravity selling is a sales philosophy we at CFS define as:

A constant set of philosophies and mechanics that when collectively and consistently applied are “unstoppable.”

As it turns out, Isaac Newton discovered more than just gravity—he figured out a stellar sales philosophy too. Gravity is a weak yet constant force—it is universal and unrelenting.

If your salespeople are focused only on one thing, like servicing their existing customer base (and not expanding it with new relationships or new business), then they will produce modest sales growth.

If however, they consistently service their existing customers some of the time and consistently prospect for new customers some of the time, then eventually they will realize more growth. Add other sales and marketing initiatives into the mix on a consistent basis and sales will grow even more.

The trick is to make small, easy to perform activities consistent. Thus “weak” and “constant.”

Sales Philosophy: Gravity Selling Strategy

Ask yourself:

“How many consistent and simultaneous sales and marketing activities are my salespeople performing?”

Here’s a suggested list:

  1. Develop subject matter expertise content.
  2. Post this content via social media and other channels at the right frequency (daily, weekly, and monthly).
  3. Target companies for new business developed: minimum of 50 per salesperson.
  4. Identify leads for each company on the target list: minimum of 2 per company.
  5. Plan how to contact these leads, e.g. via LinkedIn.
  6. Proactively prospect, including asking for referrals and introductions into these leads.
  7. Use the CFS Problem/Opportunity Matrix selling tool to drive asking the right questions, pinpointing specific customer problems, communicating solutions, and telling success stories.
  8. Define leads and opportunities in the CRM system.
  9. Define tasks in the CRM system, associated with these leads & opportunities.
  10. Send follow up (D.E.A.L.) email after each first-time in-person or phone sales call.

By implementing this new sales philosophy and consistently performing these and other sales and marketing activities, you can be confident that you and your salespeople are successful and will succeed—just like gravity, which cannot fail.

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  • Arthur - Reply

    Clever post! Thanks for the great insight, Charles!

    • Rebecca Smith - Reply

      Glad you found the post helpful, Arthur! Thanks for reading!

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