Getting Feedback: Ask Your Customers Questions

May 31, 2018
Getting Feedback: Ask Your Customers Questions

Getting feedback from customers is what pushes any business to improve marketing strategies and work harder in general. Customer feedback have potential to change the company’s approach to how they do business, as their whole activity is targeted at and depends on their customers.

Receiving and analyzing customer feedback is very important for sales managers and salespeople in general, as the results of their work depend on how people perceive the product and what experience they have with using this product.

That is why it’s important to know how to ask questions the right way in order to get honest feedback from your customers.

4 Tips to Getting Feedback by Asking Customers Questions

Tip #1: Ask them to be honest right away

It’s in the nature of some people to hide their true opinion, as they are afraid to offend or harm. But in the world of business, straightforwardness is much appreciated. If you want to receive honest feedback, prepare your customers for it right away.

How to ask your customers for honest feedback right away:

  • Explain why you want them to be straightforward. Say that your company appreciates any feedback, especially if the customer is unsatisfied. Say that their feedback push you to improve, as you want your product to be more useful for them.
  • Help them formulate their feedback. Provide them with a small plan of things you need them to describe.

The more feedback you have, the more precise analysis you’ll get in order to better promote your product and increase sales.

Tip #2: Show that you appreciate any opinion

Encourage them to describe both the pros and cons of the product in the feedback. This way your customers will see that you appreciate any opinion and will be more likely to send you their feedback.

Questions to ask to help customers describe both pros and cons:

  • What do you like and dislike about this product?
  • Which features of the product are good and which ones don’t satisfy you?
  • Are you satisfied with the functionality of the product and would you like to change something?

These questions will help you figure out the features of your product that you need to work on.

Tip #3: Ask for feedback in real time

Most of the time companies don’t get feedback because they choose an inconvenient time to ask for it. “Half of the success of receiving the feedback is to adjust the time when you ask for it”, says Martin Ratner, a financial consultant from College Papers. “This way you’ll make sure that all your customers have received the feedback request and will actually send it back to you.”

Tip #4: Be polite

If you want the full engagement of your customers, then you should be exceptionally polite when asking for a feedback. Your customers see your real attitude and judging from that they make the decision to send you their feedback or not.

Be genuine and responsive. It is always required to thank your customers to get feedback, and if there’s something they are not satisfied with, you can either express your gratitude for their opinion or offer to listen to improve your product or services.

The way you handle the communication with your customers says a lot about your company and the way you do your business. If your primary goal is to satisfy your customers and drive sales, you should ask your customers for feedback about all features of your product.

There’s always room for improvement, and you have to ask to know what to improve!

Have any other ideas for getting feedback from customers? Let us know in the comments!

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