Get on the Right Track with a PlayBook Template

October 26, 2017
Get on the Right Track with a PlayBook Template

Let me guess: you want to build out your very own Sales PlayBook but are just beginning to realize the amount of work that actually goes into doing so. I have two words for you: PlayBook Template. Yes, such a thing actually exists for people like you to plug every secret sauce and best practice into.

As a sales leader, you’ve probably started a playbook build-out process in the hopes of improving organization, efficiency, and overall management on your team or at your business. This was a great move by you, playbooks are a sales team’s best friend (in the quite humble opinion of us at CFS).

What a PlayBook Template can do for you:

Set you up for success:

A PlayBook Template can take you and your team farther than you can imagine. Literally. As a sales training organization that has building out sales playbooks for years, we realize what teams generally need in their playbook versus what needs to be built out themselves. We include tips, information, and ideas to help you and your team go above and beyond with your playbook.

Train your team:

A playbook template is already pre-loaded with great information that, when paired with your own additions, can be used to train current or new team members. When a playbook is built to exist as much more than a manual, it can be used for almost anything.

Delegate responsibility:

As a sales leader, you know how important delegating is. Not only is it crucial for the advancement of your employees, it makes your busy life a little less hectic. At CFS, we call these people the Sales Growth Team and they are responsible for the initial PlayBook rollout. In the case of our template, Collavia, this team is guided through activation videos as the build out the PlayBook. Delegation with a PlayBook template helps to make your PlayBook as unique and relevant to your business as possible. If it’s build out by all tiers of employees, it’s going to align everyone and make more sense in the long run.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to build a sales PlayBook, it will save you a lot of time, resources, and stress to use a PlayBook template. Check out Collavia and get started today!

Collavia Sales PlayBook Demo

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