Get CEOs to Call Back with This Message

June 14, 2011
Get CEOs to Call Back with This Message

When getting CEOs to call back, people often suffer from lots of head trash.

Getting CEOs to call back 80% of the time is easier than you realize.

What is your current call back ratio…10%, 20%, 0%?

How many messages do you leave a day for prospects…10, 20, 30?

In the past two weeks, can you count the number of prospects that called you back on one hand?

Do your messages sound something like this? “Good morning, this is Wyeth Killip with Criteria for Success. The reason I am calling is because I would like to share with you some of the things we are doing to improve sales for a number of companies just like yours. I was encouraged to reach out to you by a friend Rich Hart, since after hearing what we do, your name came to mind. I’d love to hear from you at your convenience as I think our conversation will be of interest to you. I’ll be in the office the remainder of the day. Please call me at 212-302-5522 at your convenience. Again Wyeth Killip, Criteria for Success, 212-302-5522.”

If your messages sound anything like this, hang up the phone immediately. You are wasting your time and I guarantee no one is going to call you back. That message lasted approximately 40 seconds, which is approximately 33 seconds too long. You have just 7 seconds to get your point across before the person on the other end hits the delete button.

Not to mention, how many times when you reach someone’s voicemail do they say, “Hi this is John, I am unable to receive your call at the present time. Please leave your name, number, and a detailed message explaining the reason for your call and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” HELLO…WAKEUP – Translation, “Hi, this is John. I am a CEO and I am too busy to take calls from sales people. Please leave a detailed message about your product and service so that I can easily determine if it is worth my time to call you back. By the way, I probably won’t listen to more than 7 seconds of your voicemail. Please waste your time leaving it and continue calling me because I will never call you back.” If you follow these instructions you are being set up for failure!

Get CEOs to call back with this message:

Alright so here is the trick, leave this message: “Hi John, Wyeth Killip, this message is regarding Charles Bernard, please call me at 212-302-5522.” 7 seconds flat. The CEO receives your message and immediately thinks, “Who was that? Why are they calling me? Charles Bernard…mmm the name sort of rings a bell. Let me listen to that again…mmm Wyeth Killip, interesting name, did I meet him recently? I wonder why he is calling. He said it was regarding Charles Bernard, did something happen? Have I done business with them before? Was he a former employee? Let me listen to that again; maybe I can figure out from the tone what it is regarding…..Ah what the heck I’ll just call the guy back and get to the bottom of this.”

And there you go – the phone rings.

The key is to choose a name that has some familiarity, even if it is vaguely familiar. The more vague the message the better. If you have done business with them in the past use the former Account Executive’s name. If a referral partner suggested you call the person use their name. If the CEO has a good relationship with that person, they will call them before calling you and say, “Hey I just got a message from Wyeth Killip asking me to call him back. Can you tell me a little more?” And sure enough your referral partner gets to soft sell you to the prospect and the CEO will call you back every time.

If you have a tip on how to get CEOs to call back, leave a comment and share your best practice.

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