From Signing Up to All-Star: Four Uncommon LinkedIn Tips to Separate You From the Pack

May 22, 2018
From Signing Up to All-Star: Four Uncommon LinkedIn Tips to Separate You From the Pack

As a sales professional, you're probably familiar with a number of LinkedIn activities and tools for selling. But are you familiar with these uncommon LinkedIn tips?

Whether it be for a summer internship or a full-time position, professionals alike know what a critical impact LinkedIn has made in the realm of professional self marketing.

However, sometimes great applicants for positions are overlooked because they are not adept at the art of selling themselves. Just like any product, bond, or stock that is sold everyday, you are constantly being analyzed by coworkers, clients, and potential employers.

Aside from being personable, informed, and animated in person, it is essential to have a standout digital presence in order to make it to the top of the proverbial resume stack.

These four uncommon LinkedIn tips will help you get there:

Be YOUnique

Whether you are a CPA, an advertising mogul, or the next Steven Spielberg, your career path is only one part of the whole. Use your LinkedIn biography and resume to highlight your hobbies and experiences outside of your career. Let’s take a Finance professional who looks to work in investment banking as an example. While their experience, Bloomberg certification, and knowledge of the market makes them qualified; they need something else to set them apart.

It could be the garage punk revival band they are a bassist for, or their minor in psychology where they performed an independent study on verbal aphasias. These are things that make them a unique applicant and highlight their ability to be knowledgeable and, more importantly, passionate about different areas. If there is one thing I have learned as a business school student, it is to defy definition and maintain my other areas of interest in order to be a well-rounded individual as well as job applicant and burgeoning professional.

Some of your best experience isn't paid experience

One observation that I have made consistently is a failure to try to highlight one’s character via their LinkedIn presence. Documenting and detailing volunteering experience and community service is a great way to convey to employers that you are not only a caring person who sets time aside for others’ benefit, but also displays great organizational and time management ability.

If you are a professional, finding an ideal work life balance is difficult already without setting time apart for volunteer work. Volunteering, service, and even non-profit work shows that you are taking an extra step solely for the betterment of others. Employers and prospects look for people who are willing and able to take that next step.

Less can be more

Everyone has a dream job. For many journalists, it would be a column in LIFE magazine. For accountants, it may be a position at one of the Big 4 accounting firms. However, one should not be shy about highlighting their experiences with lesser known startups and small-businesses.

Speaking from experience, working at a small business teaches many lessons that larger corporations cannot. There are almost always unique pressures that come with working at a smaller business, regardless of industry, because there is often a less formal managerial structure and less employees to delegate work to.

In the entrepreneurial world, it is not at all uncommon to keep the books, maintain the social-media presence of the business, and make dozens of cold calls to potential clients all in the same day. Additionally, small businesses and startups offer an invaluable opportunity to work with a far more intimate team. This can establish  lifelong personal relationships, team working abilities, and interpersonal experience that are invaluable to any individual.

Don’t be afraid to talk these experiences up in the experience section of your LinkedIn profile even if the name of the company isn’t well known or your position wasn’t exactly in the realm of expertise you wish to excel in. Whether making a lateral move or completely different position, be sure to highlight all of the different responsibilities and knowledge learned in these scenarios.

You are your biggest fan

Confidence is very different for different people. Some people are very vocal about their abilities and how they apply to different positions. Others are not so up front about this.

Your LinkedIn biography is an opportunity to talk yourself up. If you’re looking to gain a managerial role, speak highly of your teamwork and leadership experience in your professional and personal past. Language like “I will succeed/ lead/ devote myself completely, etc.” makes it clear that you are up for any challenge in any field. Be sure to highlight experiences outside of your comfort zone to make yourself stand out as a versatile individual.

At the end of the day, we all have different things that we bring to the table. It’s these unique contributions that make us the employee, boss, vendor, or client that we are. Show your network who you are by highlighting everything about yourself – both professional and personal. According to these uncommon LinkedIn tips, you never know: your ceramics hobby may be the key to closing your next big deal.

Have any other uncommon LinkedIn tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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Peter Samaras is enrolled in the Gabelli School of Business class of 2020. He is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with interests in financial services, marketing, and business development. For any further inquiries, contact him at his email: psamaras@fordham or on LinkedIn.

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