Free Training Programs for Salespeople and Sales Managers

April 24, 2018
Free Training Programs for Salespeople and Sales Managers

Are you a sales leader or salesperson looking for free training programs to help you improve? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Free Training Programs for Sales

First, let’s talk about your why. Why are you seeking out free training programs to begin with? Are you hoping to improve your selling skills? Do you wish you were better at prospecting? Are you struggling to forecast or set goals properly? And what about achieving your goals? Are you struggling to meet your sales goals or MBOs?

Before you continue, take a moment to notate your biggest problem area or areas. Since there are so many free training programs out there, this will help you to focus your energy in the right place.

Are you a CEO, Sales Manager, or Sales VP that could use a little help figuring out where the bottleneck really is? Click here or on the image below for a free Sales Process Assessment. (Yes! It is completely free).

Free Sales Assessment

Free Training Programs by Learning Style

All of us learn and absorb information in different ways. Some of us are visual learners and do best with charts, graphs, and other types of visuals. Video or in-person training is typically great for visual learners. Others are auditory, so prefer podcasts and listening to learn. Then we have reading/writing learners. Of course these types do best by (you guessed it!): reading and writing. And others still are kinesthetic, and learn best by doing.

For this reason, I’ve separated the free training programs by learning style so you can jump right to your preferred area. To simplify, the four learning styles are: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic.

1. Visual Learners – Watch/View

If you’re a visual learner that likes to watch or view, you likely thrive with webinars and e-learning. Here are a few free training programs:

The CFS Sales Webinar Series

The CFS Sales Webinar Series has it all. From how to use LinkedIn to prospect, to scaling a sales team, to choosing the right sales hires—the library is yours!

Top Webinars:

Other Great Webinar Resources

Here are some more great places to find some free training programs!

  • BrightTalk – BrightTalk is a webinar platform with tons and tons of great webinars happening every day. Simply search “sales,” “sales management,” or whatever else you're interested in to discover new content.
  • SellingPower – SellingPower is a resource for salespeople and sales managers. They have great webinar content for continued learning as well.

2. Auditory Learners – Listen/Audio

If you prefer to listen, or are constantly on-the-go, podcasts are a great learning tool.

In 2017, CFS launched a podcast series called “Let’s Talk Sales.” The series is all things sales education. We interview top sales leaders, CEOs, authors, and business experts to unpack the wisdom of the industry.

Want to tune in and start learning? Click here to view where you can listen and subscribe, or on the image below.

Listen and Subscribe to the Let's Talk Sales Podcast! Available on Apple Podcasts

Other Podcasts

Some other awesome podcasts to keep you moving and grooving:

  • The Wright Moment – This podcast series is all about personality and the role that it plays in sales and in the hiring process.
  • Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast – This podcast series is all about business growth! Whether your company is brand new, or you’re working towards the next level, Avanti focuses on development.

3. Reading/Writing Learners – eBooks

If you're the type that likes to read and write, we’ve got some essential free eBooks for you!

For CEOs:

For Sales VPs and Sales Managers:

For Salespeople:

4. Kinesthetic Learners – Exercises

Kinesthetic learners typically work best when there are opportunities to be hands-on or practice. So, we've got some great free ideas for you!

eBooks with Exercises

The eBooks below all include exercises to really hone in and keep that sales brain growing:

I hope these out-of-the-box ideas for free training programs help in your journey to sales success. Happy selling!

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