Focus on Selling! Increase Sales with These 5 PlayBook Elements

April 5, 2016
Focus on Selling! Increase Sales with These 5 PlayBook Elements

If you’re looking to increase sales, you may want to tap back into that Sales PlayBook of yours and focus on selling.

Okay, stop rolling your eyes—I’m serious.

I know using and managing a Sales PlayBook is a huge pain in the alphabet, but it’s worth the time and effort.

Like stats?

According to the ITS Group, salespeople that actually used their Sales Playbooks discovered the following:

  • 58% increase in win rate
  • 27% shorter sales cycles
  • Adoption of Salesforce jumped from 37% to 90%

Increase Sales with These 5 Sales PlayBook Elements

If you’re ready to sell more and increase sales, focusing on the selling section of your Sales PlayBook will help you close more deals.

Effective selling is a combination of philosophy and mechanics. It’s important to understand the why behind your actions and establish the right mindset before tackling the nuts and bolts, or the how.

The selling section of your playbook should contain the philosophy and mechanics recommendations that drive behavior to close more business opportunities.

Sales PlayBook – Selling

  1. Sales Process

The foundation of a successful sales function in any organization is a clear sales process, which enables everyone to speak the same language and execute best practices.

A typical sales process has three stages: lead generation, lead management, and opportunity management. Developing a specific process for each stage is crucial and it may help you to develop a sales process map that guides the mechanics of your sales process.

  1. Value Proposition

Aligning on the value proposition you provide to your customers, as well as your core strengths, will help you bring a consistent message to the market. It’s also an integral part of selling—a strong value proposition allows buyers to think of your products and services as investments, rather than costs.

A value proposition is different from a 30-second commercial. Where a 30-second commercial presents problems that your company solves for clients, a value proposition is a clear statement of the concrete business results a customer will get from purchasing or using your product and/or service.

  1. Running a Meeting

Have you ever ended a meeting with a prospect and wondered how it went so wrong? The primary reason meetings go off track is the lack of an agenda. “Winging it” is rarely a strategy for a successful meeting!

This element in your PlayBook should be focused on how to run an effective meeting with a specific agenda.

The key here is that agendas, like appointments themselves, require purpose. If they have purpose, meetings will be easy and will lead to improved results.

  1. Success Stories

Stories are an incredibly powerful tool in selling, and when your sellers leverage each other’s stories in conversations with prospects and clients, they can gain a lot of credibility.

A strong sales success story includes the following three elements:

  1. The problem a client faced
  2. The solution that was provided
  3. The business impact of the solution
  1. Common Objections & Push-backs

Anticipate hesitation and objections from prospects. They often will have a preconceived idea of your salespeople, your company, or your offering, which might put them on the offensive.

Break that stereotype by creating a plan for handling common objections and push-backs.

Moving Forward

Do you have a plan for the five selling elements shared above?

  • Is your sales process foolproof?
  • Does your value proposition resonate with buyers?
  • Do you know how to run a meeting with a prospect perfectly each and every time? Are your success stories focused on your client?
  • Do you know how to respond to common objections and push-backs?

If you’d like to increase sales, focus on selling! Tighten up the above five elements of your Sales PlayBook and growth will be hard to miss.

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