Five Effective Tips to Enhance Customer Experience

April 26, 2017
Five Effective Tips to Enhance Customer Experience

Based on the 2016 Digital Marketing Trends Report, the most exciting opportunity for a business is customer experience.

That comes as no surprise because businesses that implement successful customer experience strategies end up accomplishing higher customer satisfaction rates, reducing customer churn, and increasing revenues.

By definition, customer experience is the series of interactions a customer and an organization share over the course of their business relationship. It’s expected that customers who have a positive experience with a company are more likely to stay loyal to the brand.

So, if you take your customers for granted, they’re highly likely to leave and never return. Customer expectations are now rising, and companies are struggling to improve their customer experience to keep their clients happy.

Here are five effective ideas your business can use to enhance customer experience:

1. Send a card to a power user.

One of the integral aspects of customer relationship management is paying attention to your target community. Consider hiring a community manager to talk with and occasionally meet with your customers.

For example, you find out that one of your most loyal customers is ill. And you happen to know about a particular product that they are eyeing.

Part of the community manager’s job is to buy the product and send it to the user along with a get-well-soon card. Simple gestures like this can give your power users the message that your company cares. Deepening your relationship with your power users can mean going offline, making an effort to understand how your product fits into their lives, and recognizing their need in a manner that is uniquely meaningful to them.

2. Set up your customer experience analytics.

Actions speak louder than words, and it’s no different when it comes to dealing with your customers. They may not directly say what they think and feel about your company, but you have to know what’s going on beneath the surface.

Get to know your customers through observing what they do versus what they say. One easy way to do this is by tracking behavior-based analytics, responding to their behavior, and consequently meeting their needs.

Use a behavior-based web personalization platform. It can give you the help you need in tracking and responding to user behavior in real time, allowing your company to be proactive in offering excellent service rather than dealing with customer complaints after it is too late.

3. Give away free stuff.

Giving away freebies is always a surefire way to make your customers happy. Although keep in mind that there is a difference between offering them worthless trinkets and providing your customers with added benefits that create value in their lives.

Successful companies understand that by offering free products, the customer relationship is strengthened. Furthermore, this also increases the brand’s credibility and reinforces the value of the gift.

One important thing to remember is to personalize each product you give away. Remember: not all customers want the same thing. A web personalization strategy can help you find out the different types of free content or offers available for a various number of customer segments.

4. Engage with connected consumers at every touch-point.

Since the advent of digital transformation, customers nowadays are super connected. Companies are now striving to ensure that their investments and customer experience strategies are well-aligned with the expectations, behaviors, and motivations of the digital consumer.

Your goal is to understand how this innovation can effectively shape the new customer experience in your business. For example, Zea Proukou engages with the digital community by featuring all the necessary information about their company, such as mission goals, team members, practice areas, and contact information, on their website. Just by visiting the website, the potential client is now connected to the company.

5. Capture customer feedback in real time.

You may have done everything in your power to ensure that you are delivering quality experience to your customers. But how can you tell whether your methods are effective or not?

Well, all you need to do is ask. And the ideal way to do so is through capturing feedback in real time.

Post-interaction surveys and outbound calls are two popular methods you can use. The surveys can be sent to your customers through various automated tools in calls and emails. The outbound calls to your customers is effective for insightful feedback. It is essential to connect specific feedback from a customer to a particular customer support agent in order to establish how each team member contributes to the company.

At the end of the day, customer experience is all about people. It's also about establishing a bond between the user and the brand. Understand how your product can give a positive impact to the lives of your users. Also, be intentional in seeking out opportunities that can maximize those benefits.

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