Fitting Sales Into Your Marketing Campaign

August 10, 2017
Fitting Sales Into Your Marketing Campaign

When you’re planning a marketing campaign, it’s easy to focus on marketing activities. What content needs to be developed? Who are you targeting? What platforms will you be using?

But if the goal of your marketing campaign is to drive sales, don’t forget to include the sales team in your marketing campaign.

Here are three ways to integrate the sales team into your marketing campaign.

1. Proactively plan sales interactions.

This might seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many people forget it. Rather than launching a marketing campaign and then expecting sales to work around it, plan their involvement from the start. Here are some ways you might want sales to be involved:

  • Before you start, look to sales for information about what their prospects are talking about.
  • Provide the sales team with copies of all marketing content before it goes out to their prospects and clients.
  • Instead of planning all of your content distribution through impersonal channels, provide some content to sales to personally send to their prospects and clients.
  • Help your sales team develop scripts and email templates that support your campaign.
  • Plan call and email campaigns to leverage any promotions or announcements included in your campaign.
  • Ask the sales team to help develop content, such as blog posts, for your marketing campaign.
  • Ensure the sales team has the ability and knowledge to push marketing content through their social networks.

That’s just a start – think of all the ways you could plan to include sales in your marketing campaign.

2. Carefully manage handoffs.

One of the most common ways for a marketing campaign to fail is in the handoffs. Leads come in and are passed to sales before they’re qualified, so sales gives up on them. Sales hands unqualified leads back to marketing, but there’s not a nurture campaign, and they go cold.

When you are planning your marketing campaign, think of all the possible handoffs, and make sure you have a plan for each one. The most important factor is identifying ownership of leads at each step in your campaign.

3. Communicate throughout your marketing campaign.

You may have noticed a common thread in the previous two steps, but it’s important to spell it out. If you want to get the best result from your marketing campaign, develop a strong communication level with sales.

Consider inviting the sales leader or a few key salespeople into initial marketing campaign planning sessions. Get input from sales on messaging. Keep them up to date on messages before they go out, and make sure they are a part of content distribution. Once a marketing campaign is launched, make sure you’re meeting regularly with sales to discuss the results and ensure all new leads are managed effectively.

Marketing and sales are two of the most important parts of any company, so make sure you’re aligned as you develop and implement your marketing campaigns.

If you have any suggestions for getting sales involved in marketing campaigns, please share them in the comments. And for more information on marketing and sales alignment, check out our latest eBook on 3 Critical Areas Where Collaboration Is Essential.

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