February Learning: Collaboration in Sales Webinar

February 12, 2019
February Learning: Collaboration in Sales Webinar

As you can probably tell by our newest eBook and blog posts, this month is all about collaboration. If you’re a sales leader, sales manager, or just a sales person looking to make a difference, make sure you secure a seat on our collaboration in sales webinar.

Specifically, the webinar is called, “Organizational Collaboration: How to Leverage Your Teams to Grow Sales.” It’s happening on Wednesday, February 20th at 2PM EST.

Webinar - Organizational Collaboration: How to Leverage Your Teams to Grow Sales

What you can expect on the collaboration in sales webinar: 

Our fantastic webinar host, Rebecca Twomey, will be discussing collaboration across entire organizations.

With that said, she's bringing her expertise to our collaboration in sales webinar. In the webinar, she will be talking about how to leverage collaboration to create sales success.

What does this mean?

 It means that collaboration on a sales team is great – but collaboration in an entire organization is better. Realistically, every department in any organization supports the sales department. If they’re not working together, they’re working against one another.

Getting caught up in the day-to-day is extremely common for organizations. Everyone shows up to work, does his or her job, and then goes home. It’s not usually until we need something from another department that we reach out. And when we operate like this, we’re polarizing ourselves from the rest of the organization.

By working that way, we prohibit innovation and lose efficiency.

In this webinar, we will be discussing:

  • What collaboration means in a business context
  • Ideas for creating a collaborative culture
  • Tools that support collaboration

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your seat on our webinar and get collaborating!

Can't wait for our webinar? Get started today with our new eBook!

Complimentary eBook - Increase Collaboration Between Teams: From Sales to Sales, Sales to Marketing, and Beyond

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